Financing Growth

As New Westminster grows, the City will need new and improved utility infrastructure; roads and greenways; parks; recreation and heritage amenities; affordable housing; and childcare. The City uses a combination of the tools below to get new development to help pay for the capital costs generated by population and employment growth.

Development Cost Charges (DCCs)

City of New Westminster Development Cost Charges (DCCs)
DCCs are charges levied on new development to assist in funding the cost of upgrading or providing transportation, drainage, water and sanitary infrastructure as wells as developing parkland needed to support new development. DCCs are collected prior to issuance of a building permit.

Guide: Development Cost Charges

More information on Development Cost Charges

Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District (GVS&DD) Development Cost Charges
The City collects Greater Vancouver Development Cost Charges on behalf of Metro Vancouver. These funds are used to pay for regional sanitary sewer and drainage works. GVS&DD Development Cost Charges apply to all new development and are collected prior to issuance of a building permit. 

More information on GVS & DD Development Cost Charges

Density Bonusing

In some zoning districts, land can be developed to a higher density if the amenities specified in the zone are provided. Only development projects in density bonus zones will be eligible for density bonusing.

More information on Density Bonusing

Density Bonus Rates Update 2017

On June 12, 2017, Council directed staff to revise the rates for the City of New Westminster’s Density Bonus Program. The new rates will come into effect on January 1, 2018. However, there will be a transition period in which complete applications that have been made to the City prior to January 1, 2018, and receive Council approval July 31, 2019, will continue to be subject to existing rates.

The new rates are summarized in the table below: 

Housing Form


Existing Contribution Per Area Above Base Density


Contribution Per Area Above Base Density

Percent Increase



$80 / sq. ft.

$120 / sq. ft.



$70 / sq. ft.

$120 / sq. ft.



$60 / sq. ft.

$90 / sq. ft.



(Six Storeys or Less)


$50 / sq. ft.

$120 / sq. ft.



$40 / sq. ft.

$65 / sq. ft.



$37.50 / sq. ft.

$90 / sq. ft.



(More Than 6 Storeys)


$22.50 / sq. ft.

$50 / sq. ft.


Click here to read the Council Report

Parkland Dedication

As a condition of subdivision approval, five percent of the development site must be dedicated for use as park land. This contribution could be cash in lieu of land dedication. Cash contributions are deposited in a reserve fund for future park land acquisition. Parkland dedication is required from residential subdivisions of four or more lots.

Subdivision Information

School Site Acquisition Charges (SSACs)

On behalf of New Westminster School District No. 40, the City collects school site acquisition charges. These funds are used to purchase new school sites, or land to add to existing school facilities. All new residential development pays SSACs. Click here to view the School District’s Capital Bylaw which includes the current fee schedule.

Voluntary Amenity Contributions (VACs)

Some applicants requesting zoning amendments or development variance permits offer to make a voluntary amenity contribution as part of their development proposal. These contributions can be actual amenities, or cash towards amenities such as community facilities, public art, heritage restoration and childcare space.

Guide: Staff Evaluation of Voluntary Amenity Contributions

More information on Voluntary Amenity Contributions

Works and Services Agreements

These agreements between the City and a development applicant ensure that water, sewer, electrical, transportation (e.g. crossings, curbs, sidewalks) infrastructure within and adjacent to the development site provided or improved to meet current City standards. Works and Services Agreements are required for all new development. Click here for more information on Works and Services Agreements or here for additional information.


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