Snow Removal

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Snow Removal

Engineering Operations is responsible for snow clearing activities within the City.  The City’s Snow Response Plan provides guidelines to coordinate the most efficient and effective method of deploying the City’s resources in an effort to keep the City safe.  Please note, secondary priority routes will be addressed once the first priority routes are under control. Lanes will only be cleared in response to a medical emergency or other special circumstance.

Primary Snow Routes:

  • Keeping major transportation routes clear
  • Clearing transit routes, hospital and school zones, as well as city facilities

Secondary Snow Routes:

  • Commercial and residential areas

Snow Removal Maps:

Click here to view larger map. 

Map of East

Map of Midtown

Map of West

Clearing Sidewalks

Property owners and occupants in New Westminster are reminded that the City’s Street and Traffic Bylaw No. 7664, 2015 requires snow and ice to be removed from sidewalks abutting their property by no later than 10:00 am of the day following a snowfall event.

When clearing sidewalks:

  • Sidewalks should be clear of snow and ice the full length and width and down to bare concrete to ensure accessibility for all citizens.
  • Please do not shovel onto the street.
  • Please do not use table, rock salt, or a sodium based product as it will damage the surface of the sidewalk. Suitable de-icing products are available for purchase at local retailers.

Report a violation

To make a report, please call 604-519-2010 or email

Adopting A Sidewalk 

Help make a positive contribution in your community. Residents who are able and willing may wish to consider lending a hand. Adopt the sidewalk of a senior or a person with a mobility challenge.

Snow Shoveling tips

  • Clear sidewalks adjacent to your property as soon as the snow storm has ceased.
  • Do not shovel snow onto the street.  Instead pile snow to the right side of your driveway (facing the street) thus reducing the chance of plows pushing snow back onto driveway entrance.
  • Clear snow away from fire hydrants making them easier to locate in the event of an emergency.
  • Move parked vehicles off major roadways wherever possible to assist plowing crews in clearing snow effectively.
  • Consider checking in with elderly people or those with mobility issues as they may require assistance.

Clearing Catch Basins / Drainage Grates

To avoid flooding risk, the City requests your assistance in keeping drainage grates on city roads clear of leaves, snow, and other debris. If the drain still appears to be plugged after surface debris has been removed, contact Engineering Operations at 604-526-4691. A crew will be sent to inspect the chamber. Note, it is normal to have some standing water in the chamber.

The City is actively cleaning catch basins and is making efforts to keep up with blockages on a timely basis. We appreciate your patience and assistance in clearing any surface debris.

Garbage Services During Snow Events

Residential garbage and recycling collection services may be disrupted or even temporarily suspended in snow or icing conditions. This may include the city as a whole or be limited to areas that pose difficulties for our trucks. The City will make every effort to keep residents informed and disruptions minimal. Your patience and understanding during these times is appreciated. 

City Facilities During Snow Events

City facilities, including City Hall, Anvil Centre, recreation facilities, community centres, and the Public Library endeavour to maintain operations under all weather conditions. During periods of heavy snow fall, the operating hours and levels of service may be adjusted. It is best to contact the specific facility directly should extreme weather conditions arise.


For more information, please call Engineering Operations at 604-526-4691 or email .