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Please be advised that the ferry service will be fully closed from December 4 to December 15 to accommodate dredging work. Subject to lost days due to weather, ferry service is anticipated to be fully restored on December 16. For more details, refer to Dredging in the FAQ section.”
  • The City of New Westminster will be conducting dredging at the Quayside ferry dock and Samson V museum located along the shoreline of 900 Quayside Drive. This work is required to allow for continued operations of the ferry dock and vessel in the existing berth.

    Work is expected to be conducted on weekdays between the hours of 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM, starting on Monday December 4 and completed on Friday December 15, subject to weather or construction conditions. The ferry service will be suspended starting on Monday December 4, and will resume service on Saturday December 16.

    The project will be completed from the waterside, so no impacts to pedestrian, cycling, or vehicular traffic facilities are expected during this work. We will endeavor to minimize disruptions; however, given the nature of the work, nearby residents and businesses may hear typical noises associated with dredging equipment and vessels.

    We thank you for your patience during this necessary work. If you require further information, please contact the City at
  • Please be aware of the following protocols in place. 

    • In response to changes to public health orders, as of 12:01 a.m. on March 11, 2022, masks are no longer required for crew and passengers. Everyone is welcome to continue wearing masks if they choose to.
    • Enhanced cleaning protocols.
    • Animals are not permitted in the cabin, except for service animals. 
    • Monthly passes, punchcards, debit/credit tap or exact cash is accepted. 
    • When queuing, passengers are asked to stay two metres apart and watch for oncoming people on the gangways. 

    View the Q to Q Ferry COVID-19 safety plan.

  • Get passes, punch cards, and tickets online!

    A trip in either direction requires a paid fare, either an individual ticket or a monthly pass or you may pay using exact cash on board at the time of boarding. Passengers aged 12 and under do not require a fare.

    Q to Q ferry fares 

    Ticket Type

    Full Fare (19-64 years)

    Concession (Seniors over 65 yrs, children 13-18 yrs, & people with disabilities)




    One month pass



    Punchcard (10 trips + 1 free)



    Tickets and passes can be purchased in advance using cash or debit/credit cards that can tap on the vessel or online

  • Komagata Maru gangway in Quayside

    Dec 3 - 9

    Dec 10 - 16

    Dec 17 - 23

    Dec 24 - 30

    Komagata Maru gangway in Queensborough

    Dec 3 - 9

    Dec 10 - 16

    Dec 17 - 23

    Dec 24 - 30

    • How do I find the ferry terminals?

      Wayfinding and directional signage will be installed to direct you to the ferry terminals at both Quayside and Queensborough.

      Where should I wait for the ferry to arrive?

      • At Quayside, the best place to wait is on the timber promenade at the top of the ramp to allow the exiting passengers a clear route onto dry land. Please ensure you follow safe distancing protocols. 
      • At Queensborough, there is a paved area a few metres down the walkway from the gate. Please do not crowd the gate and ensure you maintain safe distancing. 
      • As always, please respect the local residents by keeping noise to a respectable level at all times.

      Can I bring my dog or cat?

      Yes, your leashed and licensed dog is welcome on board but may not enter the cabin. You and your pet can ride on the outdoor area on the back of the boat. Your cat or other small pet in a kennel is okay. However, please be aware that humans are given priority over pets and in the event of allergies of other passengers or space limitations on board, you and your pet may need to wait for the next sailing. Your pet does not need a ticket.

      Why don’t people wear life jackets on the Q to Q Ferry?

      While on the open deck of the Q to Q Ferry, wearing a life-jacket is considered prudent, but it is not required by law. However, it is not recommended that life-jackets be worn inside the passenger cabin as this could impede escape in an emergency. If you are concerned about safety, or have questions, please discuss your concerns with a crew member and they will be able to advise you on the best safety practice for the vessel you are about to board. In all cases, you should ensure that:

      • you know where the life-jackets are located;
      • they are easily accessible; and
      • they fit

      Safety is a shared responsibility – shared between the boat operator and the passenger. While Transport Canada is responsible for establishing the safety requirements and inspecting vessels to verify compliance, passengers are expected to take precautionary measures to enhance their own safety, and the safety of people in their care, while on the Q to Q Ferry. This includes making sure you get the information you need for a safe trip and ensuring that children in your care are appropriately supervised by you. Before the vessel leaves the dock, parents or guardians have the right to ask crew members to confirm there are sufficient life-jackets of the right size for children accompanying them on the outing, and to know where they are located.

    • Is the ferry accessible?

      Yes. The ferry vessels are outfitted to allow equitable access for all users including those with mobility aids. The ferry vessels are equipped with gently sloping ramps to allow wheeled mobility aids free access, and tie downs for wheelchairs to ensure passenger safety. The ferry operator will aid passengers upon request.

      Are the docks accessible?

      Although 100% independent access is the goal of universal accessibility, the tidal nature of the Fraser River paired with the existing ferry terminal infrastructure is prohibitive to achieving a universally accessible dock. There will be periods of time, (particularly at Port Royal) when passengers should use the docks with extreme caution.

      What is the City doing to make the service accessible?

      • The ferry vessels will be designed to enable people of all abilities, including those who use wheelchairs and other mobility aids, to get onto and off of the ferry independently.
      • The ferry operator will always be available to provide assistance to passengers up and down the ramps, and on/off the ferry when requested.
      • Additional crew will be located at the Port Royal ferry terminal during busy travel times to assist passengers when requested.
      • Information about gangway slopes will be provided on the Q to Q website and at the ferry terminals at least one week in advance so passengers are able to plan trips based on gangway slope to access the docks independently and safely.
    • What's the difference between full fare and concession?

      Full fare is for people aged 19-64. Concession fare is for people aged 13-18, 65+, and for persons with disabilities.

      Do kids need a ticket?

      Children aged 0-12 do not require a ticket. Children aged 13-18 require a concession fare.

      Where can I buy tickets and passes in advance?

      • You may pre-purchase tickets and passes online. Once you have completed your purchase, you may pick up your ticket, punchcard, or monthly pass from the vessel. 
      • You can also purchase monthly passes and punchcards onboard the vessels. 

      Can I pay with cash on board?

      Yes, cash on board is okay, provided you bring exact change. Crew will not be handling cash and cannot provide change. The vessel also accepts credit and debit cards that can tap. Monthly passes and punchcards are available to purchase onboard as well. 

    • What is the ferry vessel like?

      There will be up to two ferry vessels in operation during the service. They are 28 ft. in length and are fitted with reliable, efficient and quiet engines that are adequately powered for the ferry service and Fraser River conditions. Noise, fumes and vibrations will be much improved from last year. The ferry vessels have seating for all passengers and a heated cabin. The vessels are named the Bowen Guardian and the Bowen Belle. 

      Can I take my bicycle?

      Yes. The ferry can take up to 4 bicycles per trip at no extra cost.

      Is the ferry wheelchair accessible?

      Yes. The ferry can take up to two wheelchairs per trip. Please see the accessibility section for more information.

      How many people can fit?

      The vessels can carry a maximum of 12 passengers, two crew, and up to two wheelchairs and four bicycles.

      Can I take a stroller?

      Yes. Strollers are welcome on board. 

      Are there washrooms on board?

      It is only a 5-minute crossing and the vessels are not equipped with washroom facilities. There are a few public, accessible washrooms within a few minutes walk of both landings.

    • Please note that the 2024 schedule has not yet been confirmed and service levels will continue to be evaluated and be offered based on demand and resources.


      Leaving Quayside at 7:00 am and every 30 minutes until 7:30 pm

      Leaving Queensborough at 7:15 am and every 30 minutes until 7:45 pm 


      Leaving Quayside at 10:00 am and every 30 minutes until 7:30 pm (8:30 pm on Saturdays)

      Leaving Queensborough at 10:15 am and every 30 minutes until 7:45 pm (8:45 pm on Saturdays)


      Why aren’t summer levels kept for the entire year?

      There are a few reasons for maintaining a reduced schedule throughout the fall and winter:

      1. Reduced revenue. As a result of reduced demand for the service, the ferry is generating less than anticipated revenue. In addition, due to the pandemic, many of the third-party partnerships and sponsorship opportunities previously anticipated have been put on hold, again resulting in less revenue.
      2. Reduced demand. Demand for the Q to Q Ferry is lower in the fall and winter months than in the spring and summer. By maintaining the reduced schedule during the months when demand tends to be lower, we will be able to offer a more fulsome schedule in the months when demand is greater.

      To best meet the needs of the community while working within the hours available from the approved budget, the current schedule is based on reviews of monthly ridership data as well as feedback from a community survey. Additional information about the survey can be found at the project webpage (https://www.beheardnewwest.ca/qtoq)

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