Secondary Suites

What is a Secondary Suite?

A secondary suite is a dwelling unit that is accessory to a single detached dwelling. It is comprised of one or more habitable rooms and intended for use as a separate and independent residence. Since July 6, 1998 the City has allowed owners of single detached dwellings in areas zoned for single detached or duplex dwellings to create one secondary suite (or authorize one existing suite) per property.

What Does A Secondary Suite Contain?

A secondary suite contains sleeping facilities, a bathroom and cooking facilities that are for the exclusive use of the occupant(s) of the suite.

Why Secondary Suites?

Authorized secondary suites provide affordable ground-oriented housing that increases density but still allows the preservation of single detached dwelling neighbourhood character. The City's design standards ensure that authorized secondary suites provide safe, healthy and good quality rental housing.

Creating or Legalizing Suites

Before planning to create a legal suite in an existing or new home, or legalizing an illegal suite, please read the following:

Secondary Suites - A General Guide

Zoning Bylaw Excerpt - Requirements for Secondary Suites

Planning for the Future Creation of a Legal Secondary Suite                

Technical Requirements for Secondary Suites Created before July 1998

Design Standards for Secondary Suites

Please read and fill out one of the following design standard forms:

Design Standards Form for Houses Built Before July 6, 1998

Design Standards Form for Houses Built After July 6, 1998

Flat Rate Utility Billing for Secondary Suites

Please read the following utility billing policies:

Duplex Properties and Flat Rate Utility Billing

Exemption for Secondary Suite Utility Billing

Removing Suites from Buildings

Please read the following if you are planning to remove a suite from your home:

Removing the Stove from a Secondary Suite

Removing a Housekeeping Unit that Contains an Electric Stove

Converting a Boarding/Rooming/Multi-Suite House Back to a Single Detached Dwelling

Converting a Boarding/Rooming/Multi-Suite House Back to a Duplex Dwelling