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Healthier Community Partnership

The Healthier Community Partnership Committee is a health promotion initiative to encourage the community to EAT WELL, BE ACTIVE, AND LIVE TOBACCO-FREE.  It is a three-way partnership between the City of New Westminster, Fraser Health, and School District No. 40 and looks at the preventable risk factors of chronic disease - specifically nutrition, physical activity, tobacco and the built environment (how neighbourhood design affects our health). The focus is on education, programming and policy recommendations to ensure lasting behaviour change and better health for all.

  • Be active and access sports equipment and games with our LIVE 5-2-1-0 playboxes. The boxes are stocked with all sorts of play and sports equipment and are available for everyone to use for free!  They are accessible from dawn to dusk. Please return the equipment to the playbox after each use so that it is available for other community members.

    Opening your Community Play Box

    1.      Enter the combo 521

    2.      Unlock the box.

    3.      Have fun playing with the gear.

    4.      Return the equipment.

    5.      Lock the box.

    6.      Help keep this program running by donating good condition equipment and toys to the box, such as balls and sand toys!

    7.      If the box needs attention, please email 


    New Westminster Parks are open from dawn until dusk.


    The playboxes are located at the playgrounds of these locations:

    Grimston Park

    1900 Seventh Ave, New Westminster, BC 

     Moody Park              

    600 8th St, New Westminster, BC

    Hume Park

    660 E Columbia St, New Westminster, BC

    Ecole Qayqayt Elementary School

    85 Merivale St, New Westminster, BC


    Thank you to our sponsors, who supported the development of bringing playboxes to our communities:

    • City of New Westminster
    • New Westminster Schools
    • Fraser Health
    • Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation
    • SCOPE BC

    A special thanks to Royal City Youth Soccer for donating soccer balls to each of our boxes! 

  • Live 5-2-1-0!

    Four simple guidelines for raising healthy and active children - Enjoy FIVE or more fruits/vegetables everyday; Power Down no more than TWO hours screen time a day; Play actively at least ONE hour each day; Choose healthy - ZERO sugar-sweetened beverages.

    A Live 5-2-1-0 play box pilot was available at Westminster Pier Park in the summer of 2016. The box, filled with toys, balls and instructions for outdoor games to help kids be active, aims to help kids and families adopt healthy habits.  Look for 3 boxes to show up around New Westminster in the Spring of 2017.

    Advice on proper nutrition and physical activity can be confusing, and at times overwhelming.  Live 5-2-1-0 simplifies this information into four simple guidelines that are easy to remember.  The Healthier Community Partnership Committee is working together to build healthy communities for children where the healthy choice is the easy choice!

    How can you live 5-2-1-0 in New West?

    5 - Pick up some fresh fruits/veggies at the Royal City Farmers Market.

    2 - Instead of watching TV, take advantage of one of the many Parks and Recreation programs.

    1 - Bike or walk to school - check out the Best Routes to School map for your local school.

    0 - Don't forget to bring your own water bottle with you whenever you are out and about. Check out the Metro Van Tap App to find out where there are public water fountains in New West.

    Want even more 5-2-1-0 resources to use yourself or to share? Visit

    Check out our New West 5-2-1-0 poster with great tips and ideas.

  • Health is Everyone’s Business

    Workplace wellness can be good for your bottom line.

    Workplace wellness can be good for your bottom line. Businesses that have implemented programs have experienced a 20% decrease in short-term disability and a 27% reduction in absenteeism. Such programs don’t have to be expensive and the benefits can add up overtime, which can provide your business with a competitive advantage. In fact, WellnessFits, which is a free, comprehensive workplace wellness program, offers resources and supports to create healthy workplaces.

    Download the Health is Everyone’s Business Brochure

    For more information about WellnessFits, go to or contact Elisa Murru, WellnessFits Coordinator, at 604-675-7344.

  • Enhanced Smoking Bylaw

    Public smoking bans are often cited as motivators to quit smoking and are an integral part of a healthier community.

    Smoking bylaws in New Westminster have been increased to protect citizens from second-hand smoke; decrease negative role modelling for children; reduce cigarette butt litter; protect children and pets from accidental cigarette butt ingestion; encourage fire prevention and overall make New Westminster a healthier community.


    Smoking Control Bylaw Brochure

    BC Smoking Cessation Program
    BC Lung Association No Smoking Signage
    New Westminster No Smoking Sign for Print

  • Healthy Built Environments

    The built environment, through its design and use, can positively or negatively impact health and safety.

    The built environment refers to ‘people-made’ characteristics such as buildings, parks, schools, transportation systems and other infrastructure that are used on a daily basis. The built environment, through its design and use, can positively or negatively impact health and safety.

    A built environment lens or set of questions (see below link) can be applied to any planning and development process. It can help initiate discussion, focus dialogue and facilitate further inquiry. It can also maximize consultation, as time is not spent formulating questions but rather exploring the relationship between the built environment and health and providing informed input to enhance health outcomes.

    For more information about the lens, contact John Stark, Senior Social Planner, City of New Westminster, at or Alex Kwan, Environmental Health Officer, Fraser Health, at .

    Learn more about the Healthy Built Environment Lens

  • Biking

    Check out the following websites to learn more about rentals and biking events
  • My Health, My Community Survey

    The My Health My Community survey gathered information about issues that influence our health, such as transportation, community services, green spaces, and sense of community.

    For example, do your kids have a safe place to play?  Do you have access to fruits and vegetables?  Is there too much traffic on your street? This information will be used to inform policy and programs to help make New Westminster a healthier community.

    The results are now available. To view the community profiles, including for New Westminster, please visit: