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This page has current opportunities for comments and feedback to Council.

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  • Everyone is welcome to write to Council about items on Public Hearing agendas by emailing  or by mail.

    Letters and verbal comments to Council about the proposed land use being talked about at public hearings…


    Should not…

    Explain your support or opposition and how the proposed use will affect you

    be about people or groups of people

    …use respectful, inclusive language

    ….use abusive, offensive, vulgar, or discriminatory language

    … use language that is honest, accurate and direct

    …use terms that disguise or underplay the true intent of comments

    …focus on facts

    …speculate or make assumptions


  • 1. Provide Written Comments

    Written submissions by email, post or dropping off at the mailbox on the north side of City Hall are welcome and encouraged.

    Written comments delivered by 5 pm, three business days before the Public Hearing will be included in the agenda package. Later comments received until the close of the hearing will be distributed on table at the meeting. All comments are published.


    Legislative Services Department
    511 Royal Avenue, New Westminster, BC V3L 1H9

    Drop off at the mailbox on the north side of City Hall

    2. Speak at the Meeting through Zoom
    Everyone who logs into the electronic meeting may address Council, through computer, smart device, or phone.

    All speakers will have five minutes to speak.

    • Advance registration is highly recommended.
    • The Speakers List will be published on this webpage at 5 p.m.
    • The meeting will be run via a Zoom webinar. 


    Register to speak online at: or contact Legislative Services to register to speak, or with questions about the process:

    Phone: 604-527-4523 Legislative Services 
    511 Royal Avenue, New Westminster, BC V3L 1H9


  • There are three ways to participate in the meeting:

    1. Click the Meeting ID button to watch through Zoom or your web browser, by choosing "Join from your browser"
    2. Phone: Call 778-907-2071. Enter the meeting ID 655 9404 5919 followed by #.
    3. Watch the meeting on the City's website

    Note: All Public Hearings, Council Meetings and Council Workshops have the same Meeting ID Number


  • Public Hearing Items

    June 27, 2022 Public Hearing - Three items: 735 Eighth Street; 108-118 Royal Avenue & 74-82 First Street; Blackley Street June 30, 2022 Public Hearing - Two items: 1321 Cariboo Street; 514 Carnarvon Street (Holy Trinity Cathedral)

    Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 8341, 2022 for 735 Eighth Avenue (Massey Theatre)

    The proposed Zoning Bylaw text amendment would allow a Liquor Primary (LP) licence as a permitted use at 735 Eighth Avenue. With the recent purchase of the property by the City, the Massey Theatre Society has submitted a concurrent but separate event-driven LP licence application to the Province in order to continue serving liquor in conjunction with theatre performances and other arts-related events, without having to apply for individual Special Event Permits for each event as in the past. The proposed occupant load is 1,819 persons (plus an additional 364 persons provided that they are solely in the Studio 1C gymnasium). The site’s primary use as a theatre remains the same, and no additions or exterior building changes are proposed.
    As the City is the property owner, the public input process for the LP licence application will be conducted separately by the Province’s Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch.

    HTML Public Hearing Agenda Package

    PDF Public Hearing Agenda Package

    Heritage Revitalization Agreement Bylaw No. 8339, 2022, Heritage Designation Bylaw No. 8340, 2022, and Road Closure Bylaw No.8350, 2022 for 108-118 Royal Avenue and 74-82 First Street

    Applications have been received for a Heritage Revitalization Agreement (HRA) and Special Development Permit (SDP) to facilitate the retention, on-site relocation, restoration, and protection of the Woods House (1890) at 82 First Street and legally protect it with a Heritage Designation Bylaw. The applications would also enable the development of a six to eight storey multiple unit residential building. The proposal includes a total of 189 stratified residential units with a density of 3.29 FSR, including two units in the relocated Woods House. The City also gives notice of its intention to close to traffic a portion of Windsor Street and sell the closed road area to TPL Developments Royal Inc. for $1,580,000, as part of the redevelopment of the property. In addition to the purchase price, the developer will dedicate land to the City along the western property line to support the construction of a multi-use pathway from Cunningham Street to Royal Avenue.

    HTML Public Hearing Agenda Package

    PDF Public Hearing Agenda Package


    Road Closure and Dedication Removal Bylaw No. 8347, 2022 and Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 8351, 2022 for Surplus Road in the Queensborough Eastern Neighbourhood Node

    The City gives notice of its intention to close to traffic two portions of road (Area 1 and Area 2), remove the dedication of those areas as highway, and sell the closed road areas to QBT Properties Limited Partnership for $1,090,000. The closed road areas will be zoned as Comprehensive Development Districts (Mercer High Street) (CD-64) (Area 1) and Comprehensive Development Districts (Neighbourhood Oriented Commercial and Residential Mixed Use) (CD-65) (Area 2) and consolidated with adjacent properties with the same zoning. This will facilitate the development of ground-level commercial uses, with residential units above in some locations.

    HTML Public Hearing Agenda Package

    PDF Public Hearing Agenda Package

    Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 8345, 2022 for 1321 Cariboo street

    An application has been received to rezone 1321 Cariboo Street from Multiple Dwelling Districts (Low Rise) (RM-2) to Comprehensive Development District (1321 Cariboo Street) (CD-95). The rezoning would allow the development of 15 secured market rental units in a five storey building with an overall Floor Space Ratio (FSR) of 1.69. The proposal includes eight surface parking spaces and 24 bicycle parking spaces.

    HTML Public Hearing Agenda Package

    PDF Public Hearing Agenda Package

    *Please note that this is a large package and may take several minutes for the PDF to open.


    HTML Public Hearing Agenda Package

    PDF Public Hearing Agenda Package

    *Please note that this is a large package and may take several minutes for the PDF to open.

  • Waived Public Hearing Items

    One item: Zoning Bylaw Text Amendment for 616-640 Sixth Street

    zoning bylaw text amendment for 616-640 sixth street

    Notice is given under s.464 (2) of the Local Government Act that Council waived the holding of a Public Hearing respecting Zoning Amendment Bylaw (616-640 Sixth Street – Text Amendment) No. 8348, 2022. A Zoning Bylaw Text Amendment application has been received to amend Comprehensive Development (616 and 640 Sixth Street) (CD-80) District. The existing zoning permits a 29-storey, mixed-use building consisting of 237 secured market rental and strata units, as well as ground-floor commercial space, and a total FSR of 6.46. A Development Variance Permit was approved in 2020 to convert 100% of permitted units to secured market rental. The amendment proposes to increase the total number of units from 237 to 338, for an overall FSR of 7.41. All units would be secured market rental, including 10 near-market housing units. The overall building height would remain unchanged, while the podium height would be increased from three to four storeys. The tower floorplate would be increased from 689 sq. m. to 752.5 sq. m. The total number of proposed underground parking stalls would be decreased from 313 to 271 in exchange for measures that would reduce reliance on private vehicles.

    PDF Waived Public Hearing Package