Public Notices

This page has current opportunities for comments and feedback to Council.

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On this Page:

  • Everyone is welcome to write to Council about items on Public Hearing agendas by emailing  or by mail.

    Letters and verbal comments to Council about the proposed land use being talked about at public hearings…


    Should not…

    Explain your support or opposition and how the proposed use will affect you

    be about people or groups of people

    …use respectful, inclusive language

    ….use abusive, offensive, vulgar, or discriminatory language

    … use language that is honest, accurate and direct

    …use terms that disguise or underplay the true intent of comments

    …focus on facts

    …speculate or make assumptions


  • 1. Provide Written Comments

    Written submissions by email, post or dropping off at the mailbox on the north side of City Hall are welcome and encouraged.

    Written comments delivered by 5 pm, three business days before the Public Hearing will be included in the agenda package. Later comments received until the close of the hearing will be distributed on table at the meeting. All comments are published.


    Legislative Services Department
    511 Royal Avenue, New Westminster, BC V3L 1H9

    Drop off at the mailbox on the north side of City Hall

    2. Speak at the Meeting through Zoom
    Everyone who logs into the electronic meeting may address Council, through computer, smart device, or phone.

    All speakers will have five minutes to speak.

    • Advance registration is highly recommended.
    • The Speakers List will be published on this webpage at 5 p.m.
    • The meeting will be run via a Zoom webinar. 


    Register to speak online at: or contact Legislative Services to register to speak, or with questions about the process:

    Phone: 604-527-4523 Legislative Services 
    511 Royal Avenue, New Westminster, BC V3L 1H9


  • There are three ways to participate in the meeting:

    1. Click the Meeting ID button to watch through Zoom or your web browser, by choosing "Join from your browser"
    2. Phone: Call 778-907-2071. Enter the meeting ID 686 8875 2527 followed by #.
    3. Watch the meeting on the City's website

    Note: All Public Hearings, Council Meetings and Council Workshops have the same Meeting ID Number


  • Click here for the NOTICE.

    Any property with delinquent taxes will be sold at the City’s annual tax sale. The City is obliged to hold the annual tax sale each year. The sale is a public auction with the successful bid being the highest bid above the upset price. The upset price is the total of all outstanding taxes plus penalties, interests and costs.
    Pursuant to the Local Government Act , Section 645, the annual tax sale will be held as follows:
    WHEN: Monday, September 25, 2023 at 10:00 am PST
    WHERE: Council Chambers, City Hall, City of New Westminster, 511 Royal Ave, New Westminster, BC


    (please read the full notice in the link above)

  • Public Hearing Items

    One Item: 909-915 Twelfth Street

    Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 8399, 2023; Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 8400, 2023; and Road Closure, Dedication Removal, and Disposition Bylaw No. 8401, 2023 for 909-915 Twelfth Street

    Rezoning and Development Permit applications have been received to facilitate the development of a five storey multi-unit residential building with 40 strata units and an overall density of 2.5 FSR. The building would exceed Building Bylaw requirements and be constructed to BC Energy Step Code Level 4 standards. The site would be rezoned from Community Commercial Districts (Medium Rise) (C-2A) to site-specific Comprehensive Development District (909-915 Twelfth Street) (CD-107).
    The City also gives notice of its intention to close an unused portion of City lane right-of-way (marked in bold on the map) and sell the closed road area to Di Nicolo Enterprises Ltd. for $269,000 as part of redevelopment of the site. The proposed Official Community Plan amendment would extend the
    Residential - Multiple Unit Buildings (RM) designation and the Upper Twelfth Street Residential Corridor Development Permit Area (DPA 2.1) over this lane portion for consistency with the rest of the subject properties.
    Read the information package here.
    To sign up to speak at this Public Hearing, go here
  • Public Hearing Not Being Held

    Two items: 808 Royal Avenue and 376 Keary Street

    Zoning amendment bylaw no. 8416, 2023 for 808 royal avenue


    Douglas College has submitted Rezoning and Special Development Permit applications to develop a 20-storey academic and student housing building at 808 Royal Avenue. A total of 11 storeys of academic space plus 244 student housing units are proposed.

    The development would provide 54 off-street parking stalls and 105 long-term and 18 short-term bicycle parking spaces. Students and staff would also have access to the College’s existing off-site parking facilities. The project is targeting LEED Gold certification and Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification Gold, and the housing component is proposed to meet Step 4 of the BC Energy Step Code.
    The proposal would rezone the properties from Downtown Mixed Use Districts (C-4) to a site-specific, Comprehensive Development District (808 Royal Avenue) (CD-101).
    The rezoning application is consistent with the Official Community Plan, and in accordance with sections 464(2) and 467 of the Local Government Act, the Corporation of the City of New Westminster will not hold a public hearing on Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 8416, 2023.
    Read the information package here.

    zoning amendment bylaw no. 8404, 2023 for 376 keary street

    A Rezoning application has been received to allow construction of a duplex at 376 Keary Street. The proposed side-by-side, ground-oriented residential units would have an overall Floor Space Ratio (FSR) of 0.61. Both of the proposed units would be family-friendly, containing three bedrooms. Secondary suites would not be permitted. Two resident off-street parking spaces are proposed at the rear of the site, accessed via the lane.
    The application proposes to rezone the property from Single Detached Residential Districts (RS-1) to a site-specific Comprehensive Development District (376 Keary Street) (CD-102) to facilitate the project. The rezoning application is consistent with the Official Community Plan, and in accordance with sections 464(2) and 467 of the Local Government Act, the Corporation of the City of New Westminster will not hold a public hearing on Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 8404, 2023.


    Read the information package here.


    Monday, September 25, 2023 at 6:00 PM

    Development Variance Permit DVP00701 for 311 Ash street

    This Development Variance Permit application will be considered for issuance on September 25, 2023.  On July 12, 2021, Council approved a resolution requiring written feedback only on Development Variance Permit applications.  Send your comments by email, mail, or dropping off at the mailbox on the north side of City Hall by September 25 to:

    Phone: 604-527-4523
    Legislative Services Department
    511 Royal Avenue, New Westminster BC V3L 1H9