Zoning Bylaw

The New Westminster Zoning Bylaw is a document which includes requirements such as:

  • the types of uses which are allowed on a property (e.g. retail stores, libraries, residential units),
  • the allowed density (e.g. number of residential units and/or amount of floor space),
  • building height, and
  • the amount of parking.

The Zoning Bylaw is also an important tool for implementing City policies and objectives. Every property in New Westminster is assigned to a zoning district and you can find yours on the map included below or on CityViews.

The most recent parcel zoning information is available on CityViews, our interactive mapping system.

Zoning Bylaw 6680, 2001
(consolidated July 25, 2018)

The City of New Westminster Zoning Bylaw No. 6680 was adopted by Council September 17, 2001. Subsequent amendments to the Zoning Bylaw are consolidated for convenience only.

        List of Amendments

100. Introduction - Definitions, Parking, General Regulations, etc.

200. Agricultural Districts

300. One & Two Unit Residential Districts

400. Multi-Unit Residential Districts

500. Commercial Districts

600. Institutional Districts

700. Industrial Districts

1000. Comprehensive Development Districts