What to know

Due to Provincial Health Orders, facility visits look different than they did before COVID-19. This information is intended to prepare you for your next visit.

  • Advanced Booking is Required to ensure everyone can participation safely.
  • Wear a Mask. Masks are mandatory upon in  all common areas of recreation facilities and may be required during participation in your activity. Update: adult fitness services require masks while participating.
  • Keep Your Distance. Physical distancing of 2 metres is required at all times, and 2.5 metres is required while exercising.  
  • No Spectators. Unless you are a designated support person, for a specific service or situation, you are not permitted to stay in the recreation centre and watch activities.
  • Arrive Dressed & Prepared to Participate. Please come dressed with a prefilled water bottle, mat, towel, and any other items you need for your visit. Change room, washroom and shower availability will be limited or unavailable. (See Service Updates).
  • Be Prompt. Arrive 5-10 minutes in advance of your booking and not earlier.
  • Sanitize Hands Upon Entry. All must use sanitizer upon entry to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.
  • Healthy Screening Questionnaire. Completion of a COVID-19 health screening is required to participate. If you feel unwell, please stay home.
  • Follow All Signage & Staff Direction. Signage will help you find your way around facilities safely and understand new rules. Please follow staff direction. We appreciate your patience and attention.
  • Leave Valuables at Home. Lockers are not available. Storage bins will be assigned to you and are not locked or monitored.
  • Limit Your Visit. Be prompt and exit the facility after your activity has finished so that staff can sanitize spaces and equipment and prepare for the next group of participants.
  • Back to Back Bookings. If you have back to back bookings, you will be required to exit the building and re-enter for your second booking.
  • Call to Cancel. Refunds will be issued for reserve drop-in cancelations 24+ hours in advance. Registered program cancelations require 7+ days advance notice. No-shows will be tracked and failure to cancel may result in revoked privileges. Refunds related to registered programs and private lessons are subject to withdrawal or cancelation fees. No refunds are issued for Day Camps with less than five days’ notice. 
  • Let us know. We understand that your schedule may change and that you cannot always use your Reserved Drop-in purchase. If this happens, please let us know! It could mean that you qualify for, and receive, a refund AND someone else on a waitlist can participate. Due to the COVID-19 safety requirements, we have limited Reserved Drop-in opportunities. Please help us make use of every spot to everyone’s benefit.
  • Correct Online Account Information. Clients must enter correct and accurate family account information online. If inaccurate account details are entered online the accounts will be deleted or suspended and the client may be subject to fines or lose the ability to participate in Parks and Recreation services.


    • Doors open 10 minutes prior to the start of class.
    • Check-in and follow staff directions into the building.
    • Parents leave.
    • Place belongings in a designated bin, (or leave with parent prior to class).
    • Line up for health check and sanitize hands prior to class.
    • Children and youth will be given a designated spot by a staff member and asked to sit and wait for class to begin.
    • Sanitize hands at the end of class.
    • Children and youth will be ushered by staff to the exit to meet their parents outside.
    • Leave promptly!


    • All activities where Parent Participation is not a registration requirement.
    • If a child is able to enter and exit the building on their own please wait outside to increase space for the purpose of social distancing.


    • When Parent/Guardians Participation is a registration requirement.
    • Drop-off – If the presence of the person is necessary in order to provide care to a child or youth who is a participant in the program (i.e. requires assistance with lacing skates) they may enter, provide support, and promptly leave. 
    • Pickup - Parents and guardians may re-enter to pick up a child or youth when it is necessary to provide care, and again leave promptly.
    • In a support capacity where a child or youth requires care an instructor cannot provide.
  • Fitness Centres

    • Soft equipment is not available (i.e. thigh bands, squat bar pads, medicine balls and some cable attachments)
    • Clean all fitness equipment, before and after each use, using the disinfectant spray bottles provided, please return the bottles to their storage location
    • All fitness stations have a 20 minute time limit

    Swimming Lessons

    • For swim levels up to School Age Level 4, a parent or guardian MUST get in the water with each child. If a parent/guardian is not present to go in the water, the lesson will be forfeited.

    Skating Lessons

    • For Preschool and School Age Snowball Level 1, registrants must be accompanied by an adult (on ice if needed). The adult will be supplied with corkers (i.e. antislip devise placed onto shoes).
  • Entry into New Westminster Parks and Recreation Facilities requires your agreement to the following conditions and requirements. If you have completed a program registration or reserved a drop-in service you have agreed to the following:

    I. By participating in New Westminster Parks and Recreation programs, services and/or visiting your indoor or outdoor spaces, I am at risk of contracting COVID-19, in spite of any precautions taken by me or by New Westminster Parks and Recreation;

    II. COVID-19 is a highly infectious disease and is easily transmitted between people who may or may not show signs of illness;

    III. COVID-19 can infect people of all ages, regardless of health status, and is potentially fatal; and

    IV. Masks may be mandatory and are recommended.

    For your safety and the safety of others, all participants in Parks and Recreation services, programs or spaces must be in good health. To help ensure this, as part of the registration process and daily checks on applicable services, you will be asked:

    1. Do you have any of the following symptoms: fever, chills, shortness of breath, sore throat, stuffy or runny nose, loss of smell, headache, muscle aches, fatigue or loss of appetite?
    2. Are you or anyone you are living with either sick or quarantined?

    Any person answering yes (on behalf of themselves or a dependent) will not be able to participate and will be required to stay at home. In addition, if any person is exhibiting signs of illness they will be required to leave any Parks and Recreation service or space. In either case, a refund (as applicable) will be granted. Exclusion: services involving digital participation.

    Participants must agree to and follow all staff direction, posted signage, registration requirements, and criteria in the registration confirmation. In addition, Parks and Recreation is required to create a Healthy Participation Policy as well as a COVID-19 Safety Plan and Policy to guide our services and safety requirements: newwestcity.ca/safetyplans

    Each source of information is designed to meet Provincial Health Orders, as well as other regulatory authorities’ requirements, all in support of your safety. As COVID-19 evolves, so may the requirements and safety needs.