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The City of New Westminster appoints Erin Williams as Fire Chief
Posted On:
May 1, 2023

New Westminster, B.C. – After partnering with an executive recruitment firm to conduct an extensive, nation-wide search, the City of New Westminster is pleased to announce the appointment of Erin Williams as the new Fire Chief.

Erin joined New Westminster Fire and Rescue Services in 1995 and worked as a firefighter until 2009 when he became a Rescue Unit Lieutenant. He continued to work his way up the ranks and has been the Acting Fire Chief since early 2022.

“Erin Williams has established himself as a progressive leader managing our professional Fire Service. Erin is a collaborative partner spearheading initiatives within New Westminster Fire and Rescue Services that prioritize the needs of the community’s most vulnerable,” said Lisa Spitale, the City’s Chief Administrative Officer. “Given the many challenges our community has faced in recent years, Erin is championing the City’s multi-disciplinary and multi-agency approach to emergency management, demonstrating how New Westminster Fire and Rescue Services is an integral part of serving our community.”

Erin Williams is a New Westminster resident with strong ties to the community and a solid understanding of current and future challenges faced by the city. During his 28 years with the City, Erin has developed a demonstrated track record in public safety and community service. He also has a firm commitment to advancing City Council’s priorities on equity, diversity, and inclusion within the Fire and Rescue Services department.

“Our highly trained firefighters and staff in Fire Suppression and Fire Prevention provide outstanding service to the community. They work hard to keep residents safe day and night. I look forward to New Westminster Fire and Rescue Services continuing to collaborate with and support other City departments as we tackle complex issues in our community,” said Erin Williams. “We are fortunate to have staff with a diverse set of skills that will equitably and compassionately provide emergency services to all residents in our city.” 




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