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  • The Province's recovery supports for businesses are listed here.
  • All federal programs that provide financial assistance have been listed here.
  • The Metis Financial Corporation of BC Business Support Program

Federal (On-going)


National Research Council (NRC) Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP): This program provides software and wireless small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with technical assistance, financing and business advice. NRC-IRAP also links SMEs to original equipment manufacturers, which can help pull innovative companies up the technology ladder.

Scientific Research and Experimental Development Incentive Program: Canadian companies can apply for tax credits of 35% up to the first $3 million of expenses, and 20% on any excess amount related to experimental development, applied research, basic scientific research and certain types of technical support work. Eligible expenses include wages, materials, machinery, equipment, and some overhead costs and contracts.


Advantage BC: incentives to corporations and key staff conducting international activities from BC

Innovate BC: A Provincial crown agency that connects entrepreneurs to funding, resources, and support. Innovate BC supports all size companies, across all sectors, all over the province. 

Trade & Invest British Columbia: International Trade & Investment representatives, market intelligence, BC business networks and export assistance are available at the Asia Pacific Business Centre.

BC Stats: The central statistical agency of the Province of British Columbia, BC Stats has the provincial government’s largest concentration of statistical products, services and expertise – a function that began in 1897.

British Columbia Women’s Enterprise Centre: BC’s leading resource for women entrepreneurs, offering skills development, business loans, free business guidance, business resources, mentoring, networking and events.

Regulatory Reform Initiative: Launched in 2001, this initiative has resulted in reducing regulatory requirements in BC by over 42% with a commitment to maintain a future zero net increase.

British Columbia Tax Credits: BC provides provincial tax credits, exemptions and deductions to encourage business investment and innovation. Provincial tax incentives and exemptions exist for research and development (R&D), international business activity, and machinery and equipment investments.

BC Tax Credit for Venture Capital: The provincial Venture Capital Programs encourage investments in clean tech, community ventures and new media businesses by providing British Columbia investors with a 30 per cent refundable tax credit.

BC Training Tax Credit Program: The program provides tax credits for employers and apprentices who are engaged in eligible apprenticeship programs administered through the Industry Training Authority. New training tax credits are slated to be made available for employers that employ apprentices in the British Columbia shipbuilding and ship repair industry.

International Skilled Workers: The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) offers accelerated immigration for qualified skilled workers, experienced entrepreneurs and associated family members who want to settle in BC and become permanent residents of Canada.

Small business

Business and trade development are top priorities for all levels of Canadian government. The following section provides links to currently available government initiatives, resources and programs that support businesses and healthy economies.

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