Glenbrook Ravine Restoration

Glenbrook Ravine Park has been identified as one of the City’s key natural areas and is considered important in terms of its ecological significance and contribution to biodiversity. It is cherished by the local community as one of relatively few intact natural areas in New Westminster. Over the years it has become heavily occupied by invasive plant species which jeopardize the future health and function of the native vegetation community as well as the enjoyment and safety of park users.

Through dedicated stewardship efforts of community volunteers since 2017, invasive species (e.g., blackberry, English ivy) have been removed and native plant species have been reestablished. Restoration events are held from spring to fall. Events are open to all ages and abilities.  A list of upcoming events are posted on the City's event calendar.

Glenbrook Ravine Park Invasive Plant Management Plan (PDF) - Provides a framework to guide invasive plant management and restoration activities from now and into the future.