Planning Division

For questions about the about zoning regulations, guidelines or the Development Permit process.

Phone: 604-527-4532

Building Division 

For information on Building Code and Plumbing Bylaw requirements, and the Building Permit process.

Phone: 604-527-4580
Webpage: Building and Property Improvements

City Arborist 

For information about the Tree Protection and Regulation Bylaw, and tree removal requirements.

Phone: 604-636-4318
Webpage: Tree Permits

Energy Savings

For information about Energy Save New West, and access to energy evaluations, upgrades, rebates and incentives.

Phone: 604-515-3818
Webpage: Energy Save New West

Electrical Utility 

For information about service connections, connection location and metering. 

Phone: 604-527-4528
Webpage: Electrical Utility 

Water, Sewer, & Garbage Services

For information about engineering servicing and requirements (including water, sewer, and garbage).

Phone: 604-527-4592
Webpages: Services Permit Guide
                     Garbage Collection