Tenant Protection and Resources

In 2015, the City developed a Tenant Relocation Policy, which applies in situations where the City has negotiation rights such as rezoning applications and ensures that tenants impacted by redevelopment and demolition are adequately notified and compensated and provided with assistance in finding new housing. A key component is the preparation of a Tenant Assistance Plan.

In 2016, the City developed a ‘Renovictions’ Action Plan, which informs tenants of their rights and facilitates enhanced access to information and resources. Key deliverables include holding information sessions related to tenant rights and resources and advocating for amendments to the Residential Tenancy Act to allow tenants the first right of refusal to return to their unit at a rent that is no more than the landlord could lawfully have charged if there had been no disruption in the tenancy.

Tenant Relocation Policy

Renovictions: Questions and Answers