Tenant Protection and Resources


Tenants Resources and Rights 

The City of New Westminster has created a Tenants Resources and Rights Information guide. This guide includes information on various housing-related laws, organizations, contacts, and housing-related organizations.

Tenants Resources and Rights Guide (ENGLISH)

Tenants Resources and Rights Guide (PUNJABI)

Tenants Resources and Rights Guide (CHINESE)

TRAC'S Tenant Survival Guide

TRAC (Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre) has produced a plain language guide on various tenants rights and responsibilities. TRAC’s purpose is to promote the legal protection of residential tenants across British Columbia by providing information, education, support and research on residential tenancy matters.

Tenant Survival Guide

Residential Tenancy Act and Changes

Tenancies for most rental properties in British Columbia (with the exception of co-ops, supportive housing, shelters, short-term rentals and shared room arrangements) are subject to the Residential Tenancy Act. There have been recent changes to the Residential Tenancy Act, including four-month notice required for eviction due to demolition, renovation, conversion or repair.

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Tenant Relocation Policy

In 2015, the City developed a Tenant Relocation Policy, which applies in situations where the City has negotiation rights such as rezoning applications and ensures that tenants impacted by redevelopment and demolition are adequately notified and compensated and provided with assistance in finding new housing. A key component is the preparation of a Tenant Assistance Plan.

Tenant Relocation Policy

  • Renovictions have become a more common practice in recent years. According to the Pivot Legal Society, ‘renoviction’ is defined as “the practice of exploiting a clause in the Residential Tenancy Act which allows a landlord to evict tenants under the guise of performing major renovations and then increasing the rent on the unit or units.”

    For more information on recent and proposed initiatives, please see the following resource:

    Housing Backgrounder and Update

    Renovictions: Questions and Answers

    I'm concerned I'm being renovicted. What can I do?

    If you are concerned that you may be renovicted in your building, you can contact the City’s Building Division at 604-527-4580 to determine if all necessary permits have been issued for the proposed renovations.

    Which organizations can help me if I am evicted?

    If you have concerns about the rules and regulations for renovictions, you can contact these organizations:

    Local organizations that offer housing counselling, support, and referral are:

    What is the City doing about renovictions?

    The City has taken action to assist tenants affected by renovictions. These actions include:

    • Circulating copies of the Tenant Survival Guide and updates to the Residential Tenancy Act.
    • Sponsoring workshops on tenants rights.  
    • Advocating for amendments to the Residential Tenancy Act to allow tenants the first right of refusal to return to their unit at a rent that is no more than the landlord could lawfully have charged if there had been no disruption in the tenancy.
    • Responding to requests for information where tenants have received an eviction notice and the landlord has indicated that they have all the necessary permits and approvals in place to demolish the building or undertake major renovations/repairs to the unit(s).
    • Ensure that landlords have the necessary permits and approvals in place prior to issuing an eviction notice and employ stop work orders and tickets in situations where the necessary permits and approvals are not in place and demolition or major renovations/repairs are underway.

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