Speculation Disclaimer

The transit oriented development area tiers and maps do not create development rights.

The transit oriented area maps show the geographic distance from the Skytrain stations, based on coordinates provided by Provincial government. The building heights and densities described in the new legislation must be considered in those locations, alongside previously existing City policies and regulations. That evaluation happens through a rezoning process.

Development rights are determined by the Zoning Bylaw. If the land use and densities allowed in the Zoning Bylaw are different than outlined in the legislation, an applicant may make a rezoning application. If approved, the zoning change is what alters the property's development rights. A rezoning includes a formal public process and the final decision is made by Council.

Council is required to consider the new legislation, but may choose not to approve an application based on other City policies and guidelines.

The City of New Westminster cautions against speculation based on anticipating Council’s decisions.

Applicants should also be aware of the development costs associated with rezoning, such as development cost charges, parkland dedication, and construction of new or upgraded services. Click here to learn more about development finance in New Westminster.