Canada Games Pool


    Questions and answers about the sudden closure of Canada Games Pool.
  • Red Cross Lesson Transfer Chart

    Transition your lessons to another municipality.

    Many local municipalities, such as Burnaby and Coquitlam, follow the Red Cross swim program which differs from the Canada Games Pool program you may be used to.

    We recommend contacting the facility you are registered with, especially if a child has not been swimming for a while, to confirm all necessary requirements. Swim assessments may be required, and are available at no cost for most programs, to ensure you are registering for the correct level. To get started with your transition, please see the chart below. 

    What is my Canada Game Pool level? You can find your recommended Canada Games Pool level in your online account by going to My Profile > My Info > Activity Outcomes.

    Red Cross Lesson Transfer Chart (PDF)

  • History [PDF] - 301KB