Canada Games Pool

Canada Games Pool & Fitness Centre

65 East Sixth Avenue
New Westminster, BC V3L 4G6

Hours of operation

September 7 - 21
Contact reception by phone:
Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sat & Sun 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Holiday Hours are updated for holidays and long weekends.

September 22 - December
Facility Hours
Mon - Fri 6:00 am - 8:30 pm
Sat & Sun 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Front Counter
Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
Sat & Sun 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Drop-in is back!

No Reservation required.

  • Capacity limits have been removed for fitness centre, tot pool, shallow leisure, lanes and deep end leisure areas
  • Drop-in includes access to fitness centre and pool areas
  • Lockers and change rooms are available
  • Ping pong tables, basketball hoops, sauna and slide are not available

For lessons please see Registered Programs

Canada Games Pool has a 1 metre and 3 metre spring diving board as well as 5, 7.5 and 10 metre diving platforms to practice your twists, turns and courage!

Staff Team:

, Acting Manager - Aquatics
, Acting Recreation Supervisor - Aquatics
, Acting Recreation Supervisor - Aquatics
, Program Coordinator - Fitness
, Assistant Program Coordinator - Fitness

  • Please note that swim lesson participants may only register for one lesson set at a time. If you are currently registered in a swim lesson set, you must wait until grades for that set are posted before registering into the next lesson set. This ensures participants meet all level prerequisites and enjoy the best possible lesson experience.

    If you are not sure what level to register into, you can check grades online in the “Logs” section of your recreation account. You can always call us if you need help: 604.526.4281.

  • Swimming Lessons: Making Waves Swim Program

    Lessons for all ages and abilities

    Welcome to the Making Waves Swim Program! Did you know that our swimming lesson curriculum is unique? In our over 45 years we have taught thousands of people to swim with ease.

    The Making Waves Swim Program was specifically created for our customers to teach children to progressively and successfully learn to swim.  We included customer feedback, years of staff experience, and current information around the science of swimming into our program.

    About Making Waves:

    The goal of our program is to allow students to experience success through progressive skill development in a positive and supportive learning environment.  To do this we:

    • Assess our program's completion rates.  We develop our program to continuously to respond to any issues.
    • Createa beneficial learning environment. Our lessons run at times with limited competing programs.
    • Invest in our instructors.  Knowing that a program is only as strong as the deliver, our instructor's receive professional development throughout their career with us.

    About our Curriculum:

    What makes us unique?  Our teaching techniques are based on step by step progressions that have been proven to work.  We teach:

    • Strong rotational skill to learn to get in and out of breathing position.
    • How to find balance in the water to produce less struggle.
    • Perfect practice to create strong muscle memory.

    About our Instructional Supervisors:

    There is always an Instructional Supervisor available to assist parents or students in any way needed.  Their job is to provide:

    • Customer Service
    • Develop staff skills and knowledge
    • Ensure program consistency.

    Registration Information

    Please be aware of the following guidelines:

    • Swim lesson participants can only register for one lesson set at a time.  This is to ensure customers meet all level prerequisites and have the best possible experience.
    • Not sure what level to register into next? You can conveniently check grades onlin in "Logs" in your client record. This grade determines what level is next. Grades are viewable the morning of Registration Day.  Registration opens at 8:30 am.
    • Late registrations: Participants must be registered by the third class.

    First time registering or unsure of swim level?

    Parents, if you are unsure of the level of your child or registering with us for the first time, we offer free swim evaluations during any of our Public Swim times. One of our lifeguards will be happy to do an assessment of your child which takes approximately 5 minutes.

    Upon completion of the assessment you will receive a piece of paper with the assessed level which you must bring to the front desk to register.

    Do you know we also offer private lessons?  Private lessons are a great way for students to get extra assistance on a specific skill.

    Register Online

  • Fitness Centre

    A destination fitness centre



    Canada Games Pool has weight room areas that offer a range of options no matter what your fitness experience is! After a stress-relieving workout, you can enjoy a whirlpool and sauna session, or all day access to lane swimming.

    Downstairs Fitness Area

    • 3,000 square foot space provides the best machines and equipment to add variety to any fitness routine!
    • A 20 station exercise circuit are that includes In Flight fitness equipment for a total body workout; a great option if you have limited time.
    • 22 meters of turf that is great for sled workouts, sprints, and some rehabilitation specific movements.
    • A 12- piece Hammer Strength section for all abilities allowing you to increase strength and improve your body composition.
    • Soft Plyometric boxes, Precor stretcher, reverse lower back machine, AirFit bikes, agility ladder, battle ropes, two stretching areas and slam balls 

    Main Fitness Area

    • 5,000 square feet, filled with weights, equipment used for rehab and sport specific training and cable machines make this a destination fitness centre.
    • Cardiovascular - 35-piece section of: climb mills, steppers, self-propelled and traditional treadmills, elliptical trainers, recumbent and upright bikes will give your heart and legs a great workout.
    • Stretching - benefit from a dedicated space to improve your flexibility and for core stability and training.


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