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  • June 11, 2018 -  New Westminster City Council has approved the development of a 14,000 square foot interim multi-sport facility in Queen’s Park to re-establish the programs and services offered at the former Queen’s Park Arenex.

    Where will the new facility be located?
    The new interim multi-sport facility will be located in Queen’s Park at the site of the old reservoir, which is located in between the stadium and the former Arenex site. The facility will be adjacent to the soon to be constructed skatepark.

    When will it open?
    It is anticipated the facility will be open late 2019.

    How big is the proposed facility?
    The new facility is expected to be a similar size to the main floor of the Queen’s Park Arenex, 14,000 square feet. This will allow for the full complement of Arenex programs to take place.

    Where will the Arenex programs be held while the new facility is being constructed?
    Until the completion of the multi-sport facility in Queen’s Park, the full complement of gymnastics and trampoline programs will continue to be offered April to August at the Royal City Curling Club.  Limited programs will be offered from September to April at the Vancouver Circus School.  The Motoring Munchkins program will continue at Centennial Community Centre from September to April and will relocate to the Royal City Curling Club from April to June.

    City staff continue to pursue facility opportunities for all Arenex programs; however, no alternate venues have been secured at this time.

    Why has the process been delayed?
    Due to the scope of the facility, site challenges, and market conditions, the submissions for this project exceeded available budget and hindered the project from moving forward.

    Upon further analysis, staff determined the cost drivers for this project and revised the scope of the facility with the intent to both accommodate Arenex programs and stay within budget.

    How much will it cost and how will this project be financed?
    The multi-sport facility is estimated to cost $4.35 million and will largely be paid through insurance proceeds from the loss of the Arenex.

    Why has this type of facility been selected?
    The proposed building technology is expected to include a rigid frame stretched fabric membrane structure that will accommodate both gymnastics and trampoline programs, as well as a wide variety of other sports formerly offered at the Arenex. This type of facility can also be constructed in a more timely manner than a traditional facility. 

    What will the new facility look like?
    The proposed building technology is expected to include a rigid frame stretched fabric membrane structure similar to the Poirier Forum in Coquitlam.

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