New West Skatepark

Located in Queen's Park, the skatepark is the evolution of input from the local skateboarding community gathered at a series of design workshops. Unique skate elements and a variety of transition styles and coping work together to create flow through the park which was inspired by the former Mercer Skatepark.

Custom design :

  • The focus on flow is complimented by a satellite peanut style bowl and is surrounded by “street style” elements. 
  • The design integrates zones for different levels of ability from beginner to expert.
  • The intent is to accommodate all ages, ability and wheels, making it a great addition to the recreational opportunities within Queens Park.


Boro All Wheel Park

This 12,500 square foot park was designed for speed lines and flow. It includes quarter pipes, banks and extensions with enough space for all skill levels. Since 2011, this park has entertained skateboarders and BMXers from far and wide. While there are no lights at the all-wheel park, there are many other amenities including free parking, a bike wash station and washrooms inside the neighbouring Queensborough Community Centre.