Glenbrook Ravine
Natural beauty at its best!
Glenbrook Ravine Park,  offers visitors a natural wilderness setting that provides an escape from its urban surroundings.

Glenbrook Ravine has access points on Jamieson Court, Blackberry Drive and Glenbrooke Drive. All access points offer winding staircases and hard-packed curving trails to navigate access into and out of this beautiful park.

Cultivated Beauty

Glenbrook Ravine Park features beautiful horticultural exhibits with a pond, falls, bridge, trees and flower beds. As you progress deeper into the park, native plants, ferns and trees dominate and create a wilderness escape full of birds, animals, trees and trails.

Forest Trail

New Westminster's best forest trail will appeal to nature and horticulture enthusiasts as well as dog walkers, walkers and joggers wanting to escape urbanization.


Glenbrook Ravine, established in 1991, is 13.38 acres and has a rich history.