Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

To qualify for the Pre-Authorized Pre-payment Plan (PAPP), current taxes or water and sewer must be paid in full.

The pre-authorized pre-payment plan is designed to put money towards next year’s Property Taxes and Annual Utilities. The pre-payment plan will accumulate 10 monthly withdrawals from your bank account and apply the funds towards your:

  • Annual utilities balance in February (withdrawal starts May 1 to Feb 1)
  • Property taxes balance in May (withdrawal starts August 1 to May 1)  No payments are taken for June and July.

After the instalment payments are applied, you must pay any difference and claim the Home Owner grant (if eligible) and make the final payment manually by the property tax due date, this payment will not come out of the PAPP.  Check the balance on your statement for this final payment amount to avoid penalty.

Download the PAPP form. 

Terms and conditions apply.