Utility Commission

Commission members

Len Kelsey, Chair
Sally Bhullar-Gill, Commissioner
Lino Siracusa, Commissioner
Maya Chorobik, Commissioner

Staff & Council

Mayor Jonathan Coté, Commissioner
Councillor Patrick Johnstone, Commissioner
Lisa Spitale, Commissioner

The purpose of the commission is to provide accountable, effective stewardship and strategic direction tailored to the unique needs of an electric utility operating in a municipal environment consistent with the enterprise’s mandate and objectives. Its purpose is to ensure that the enterprise is managed in a manner that is sensitive to both the revenue generating, service provision needs and other policies of the City on one hand, and the operational and regulatory requirements of the industry on the other. In particular, it is to provide oversight and direction that is industry-knowledgeable to ensure the utility is appropriately strategically positioned, both in the current industry and in regard to expected developments.