Billing and Payments

For billing inquiries, please email  or call 604-527-4555.

Residential accounts billed every two months and commercial accounts billed every month.

A 21 day due date is printed on each utility bill at the time of printing. If the bill is not paid before the due date it becomes overdue and a reminder notice is printed to advise the customer of the overdue amount. A second reminder notice is printed 10 days later if the account is still unpaid.  If the account remains unpaid 7 days after the second reminder notice, a disconnection notice is printed and delivered and the service is subsequently disconnected. Once disconnected, the service will be reconnected only if the account is paid in full, plus the appropriate reconnection charge.

In an effort to assist customers who may be going to be away for an extended period of time or who may otherwise be unable to manage payment of their bills, we encourage them to have their bills sent to an alternate contact person. Often this alternate contact person is a relative who ensure that all Utility bills are paid on time. Less often it is the Public Trustee who has taken on the management of the financial affairs of a customer.

bill payment options

To make paying your bill as easy as possible the following options are available:

By mail or in person at:

New Westminster City Hall

Queensborough Community Centre

Centennial Community Centre

Century House

Through your online bank. Please contact your bank or financial institution with your account number.

By pre-authorized Electric Utility Payment - find Electrical Utility Form under Printable Forms list at the bottom of the page

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