Adopt a Street Tree

As part of the continued implementation of the Urban Forest Management Strategy (2014) and bold response to the climate emergency, New Westminster is targeting to increase the city’s urban forest canopy cover to 27% by 2030. To achieve this goal, the City has a ten year Tree Planting Masterplan to guide the planting of 500 new street trees per year. 

Simple acts of stewardship go a long way to help our street trees thrive so we can all enjoy the numerous benefits that a lush urban canopy provides! We invite members of the community who are interested in tree stewardship to adopt a street tree located near their residence.

How to care for your tree

Caring for your tree is easy! There are a few things that can be done to help the health and vibrancy of our boulevard trees.


Watering is particularly important to trees for growth, resistance to disease and insects, temperature regulation, and overall health.  Check to soil a few inches below the surface to see if it is dry and try to keep it moist.  Be careful not to over water as this can have a negative effect on the tree.

  • Tree should be watered twice a week for ~20 minutes during the hot, dry summer months
  • Apply water with low volume of flow
    • Soaker hose
    • Water bags
    • Hose bubbler
    • Garden hose


Mulching is one of the most beneficial practices for better tree health. It can reduce soil moisture loss through evaporation and protect roots from extreme seasonal temperatures.

  • Spread mulch to the dripline (~4” layer) in a circle around the tree
  • Ensure the base of the trunk is exposed to prevent rot and disease

Learn more about proper mulching techniques.

Please note that pruning of trees located on City property is to be done by Parks staff.  Please call the Parks Main Office for a Tree Service Request at 604-527-4567 or email .

Adoption is Easy and Free

Step 1 Complete the application form at the link below and submit it.

Step 2 You will receive a confirmation email from us and read the instructions.

Step 3 Begin to care for the tree(s) assigned to you.

Please email with any questions.

  • 604-636-4318

    Boulevard Tree Maintenance Requests