Response to Lead Concerns in City of New Westminster Water System.

None of the water mains and service connections that the City of New Westminster owns and maintains are made of lead materials.

The water mains that convey drinking water from the regional system to our customers is mostly comprised of cast iron or ductile iron pipes, which do not leach lead particles into water. The service connections the City of New Westminster provides to private properties are predominantly made of copper.

Each year the City of New Westminster prepares an Annual Water Quality Report which is submitted to the Fraser Health Authority for approval. All of the water testing is done by a certified lab and the sampling is performed on City property.

The City of New Westminster is in compliance with the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality and reports < 0.5 ppb for lead. The City of New Westminster’s reports can be found here:

The City of New Westminster is not responsible for the piping system on private property and cannot speak to whether or not there is any lead piping. The City of New Westminster does not have the authority to test the water on the private property side.

Additional information can be found on the Ministry of Health website: