What personal information is collected when paying for parking?

Coin operated meters

No personal information is collected from the customer unless a parking bylaw offence is committed.

Digital Parking Meters

At a digital parking meter, two types of personal information is collected:

            - Credit card details
            - Licence plate numbers

These two types of information are not retained together nor with other identifying information that links the information with an individuals name.

Credit card information is encrypted and transmitted to the bank over systems that comply with the PCI standard (Payment Card Industry data security standard). The only information retained in the parking system is card type and the last 4 digits, payment times and amounts.

The licence data remains on the parking meter only for a few minutes after which it is sent to the parking systems administrative software for retention. The data can only be accessed in real time by the enforcement officers at the location of the meter, and after that by the Manager of Parking and system technicians of the administrative software. The administrative software is saved and located in British Columbia. The City only accesses this information in the software to manage complaints and gather statistics on parking in the city, which are both necessary functions for the City’s service.

Licence information is only transferred directly to the City if an offence is committed and a parking ticket issued.  If there is no ticket issued, car licence plate numbers are not kept in a City database; they remain only in the parking system administrative software.

Passport Mobile Parking App

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Monthly Parking Rental

A rental contract is entered into with the City and retained until it expires plus 7 years. The parker’s license plate is entered into the City’s permitting system to allow for enforcement of parking offences.

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