Tree Sale

The City is working towards meeting tree planting targets (8,500 trees on public land and 3,300 on private land) as outlined in our Urban Forest Management Strategy. From 2018-2020, the average number of trees planted on private land is 270 trees/year. To meet our goal of planting 3,300 trees on private lands over the next 10 years, we aim to partner with residents to plant a minimum of 330 trees/year on private property.

To help make this happen, we offer bi-annual tree sales for residents of New Westminster to buy up to two trees to plant at their residence at a reduced cost. This is an important partnership for the City and residents to work together in reaching the goal of a 27% canopy coverage within New Westminster by 2030. With a target for planting 3,300 tees on private lands, the Parks & Recreation Department plans to host two tree sales per year, one in fall and one in spring. The next sale is anticipated for March 2021, details to be determined.

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