Tree Sale

Help us reach the City goal of a 27% canopy coverage within New Westminster by 2030!  By partnering with residents, the City continues with its goal of planting 3,300 trees on private land, and a further 8,500 on public land by 2030.  Read the complete Urban Forest Management Strategy.

The tree sale occurs bi-annually and provides an opportunity for New Westminster residents to purchase up to two trees for their property at a reduced cost.

SALE STARTS: Thursday, March 9, 2023 @ 8:30 am
ORDER PICK UP: April 1, 2023, 9:00 - 11:00 am, Westburnco Sports Courts. Pickup Instructions
Trees that are not picked up by 11:00 am will be sold for cash or donated to the City‘s tree planting program.

ONLINE ACCOUNT REQUIRED An online account is required to order a tree. Ordering by phone is available but an online account is necessary. Setting up your account in advance will increase your chances of purchasing a tree. Order online for your best chance of securing a tree. Sales are limited.

Prepare to purchase a tree!

  1. Set up an online account and save your credit card information in advance. If you’ve already have an account for program registration you have an account!
    Trouble setting up your account? Call for help. 604.527.4567
  2. Review the tree options and select your two favorites.
  3. Login on March 9, 8:30 am! After logging in, if you don’t see the product page, go to My Profile > Products, to find the list of trees.

    Westburnco Sport Courts
    Saturday, April 1, 9:00 - 11:00 am


    • Access eastbound from East Tenth Avenue. Line up alongside the curb to allow regular traffic to pass. Turn right into the Westburnco Sport Courts parking area.
    • Please remain in your vehicle at all times. City staff will load your trees into your vehicle.
    • Exit the pickup area on to Churchill Avenue.


    Please note:

    • There will be no access to the pickup area for westbound traffic from East Tenth Avenue (no left turns), or from Churchill Avenue.
    • Please have space cleared in your trunk or back seat BEFORE you arrive.
    • Trees that have not being picked up by 11:00 am will be sold for cash or donated to the City’s tree planting program.



  • Select trees based on their height and spread measurements (listed below). These numbers represent the tree's size at maturity to help you estimate the space requirements of your new tree. 

    Do you live in an apartment or condominium? Balcony spaces can host a tree too!  Check out the European Strawberry Tree and Coral Bark Maple below and add or start greening efforts on your balcony! 

  • Instruction on properly planting a tree can be found at

    Please plant the tree at least 2 meters from any City property line. This will ensure that ownership of the tree remains clear throughout the tree’s life. Following a similar guideline for planting distances from adjacent private properties is also recommended.

    Please do NOT plant trees on City property. Tree planting on City property is done by the City staff and takes into consideration existing or planned infrastructure, environmental needs, and neighbourhood characteristics.


    Select up to two trees for your property or balcony!
    • Height: > 10 m
      Spread: > 10 m
      Growth Rate: Slow
      Sun: Full sun
      Moisture: Average amount of water
      Fruit: Acorns

      Shipping Size: 2.0 m tall in a # 5 pot (20 L)

      Oaks offer great adaptability to urban conditions and the long term benefits of localized shade and air cooling during drought conditions.  Perfect as a focal point planting in a back yard or front yard on private property, Bur Oak matures as a majestic and stately tree, and is often referred to a ‘handsome’ for the ridged bark and rounded form.

      Click here to see a photo.
    • Height: 4 – 6 m
      Spread: 4 – 5 m
      Growth Rate: Slow
      Sun: Partial sun
      Moisture: Average amount of water
      Attracts: Birds
      Fruit: Small winged samara

      Shipping Size: 0.5 m tall in a # 3 pot (12 L)

      An upright, slower growing maple noted for their bright red stem colour on new growth – great winter interest!  Leaves come out tinged red then turning green for the growing season.  With clear and cool nights, fall colour is often yellows and golds. Suitable for container planting and balcony use with appropriate pruning.

      Click here to see a winter photo.

    • Height: 6 – 10 m
      Spread: 5 – 8 m
      Growth Rate: Fast
      Flower: Pink and white
      Sun: Full sun to partial shade
      Moisture: Average amount of water
      Attracts: Birds
      Fruit: Pods

      Shipping Size: 1.5 m tall in a # 5 pot (20 L)

      The dark green foliage has a ‘tropical’ look due to the compound leaf structure, and is complimented by the scented and thread-like flowers.  Drought tolerant and adaptable to poor soil conditions, this is an ideal feature tree for a yard space.

      Click here to see a photo.
    • Height: 2 – 3 m
      Spread: 1 – 2 m
      Growth Rate: Slow
      Flower: White with pink (flower in early fall)
      Sun: Full sun or partial shade
      Moisture: Average amount of water
      Fruit: Small round orange-red fruit with a pit
      Shipping Size: 0.7 – 1.0 m tall in a # 5 pot (20 L)

      Native to southwestern Ireland, this long-cultivated relative of our own native pacific arbutus (madrone) shares similar characteristics: Slow growth, evergreen leaves, and interesting bark patterns. Makes a good container tree and is one of our recommendations for balconies. 

      Click here to view photo.

    • Height: 3 – 5 m
      Spread: 3 – 5 m
      Growth Rate: Slow
      Flower: Red-purple
      Sun: Full sun to partial shade
      Moisture: Average amount of water
      Attracts: Birds
      Fruit: None

      Shipping Size: 1.0 m tall in a # 5 pot (20 L)

      This is multi-stem shrub or small tree is noted for flowers (of course!), but also for a later bloom.  Developed as part of a group of magnolia hybrids with similar characteristics, the later bloom can help avoid some of the damage associated with late spring frosts.  

      Click here to see a photo.
    • Height: 4 – 5 m
      Spread: 2 – 3 m
      Flower: Pink
      Sun: Full sun
      Moisture: Average amount of water
      Attracts: Pollinators
      Fruit: None

      Shipping Size: 1.0 m tall in a # 5 pot (20 L)

      This multi-stem tree with shrub form is marked by dark red foliage and lots of pink flowers during bloom. Crapemyrtles are generally disease resistant and drought tolerant. Use as an edge planting as part of a visual screen or as a feature plant on its own. 

      Click here to see a photo.

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