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March 13, 2012
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March 13, 2012

New Westminster adopts multi-family food scraps recycling program

New Westminster, BC – New Westminster city council has approved a new multi-family food scraps recycling program that will further expand the City’s waste diversion efforts. Adoption of the new program follows a pilot-project that ran from April to September 2011 involving six multi-family housing buildings located throughout the City.

“The multi-family food scrap recycling program is another step forward towards meeting and exceeding Metro Vancouver’s target of 70% waste diversion throughout the region,” said Mayor Wayne Wright. “It’s a key part of New Westminster’s commitment to sustainability and we’ll continue to work with residents to offer even more ways to reduce our environmental footprint.”

During the pilot project, education material was distributed to residents and lobby displays were set-up to raise awareness. On average, participant buildings saw a 25% reduction in waste with one building realizing a reduction of 50%. Virtually zero contamination occurred throughout the project and volumes of food scraps collected were consistent with that of the single family sector.

The City is aiming to implement the multi-family food scraps recycling program city-wide this summer where teams will roll-out to every building complex in New Westminster over a 6-week period.  Residents will be provided with the same educational tools and materials that aided in the pilot program’s success.

To complement the food scraps collection initiative, the City has also organized a pilot program to increase recycling amongst multi-family housing residents. Resident “champions” are currently providing input via workshop and survey feedback as to the best type of tools and resources to assist in increasing recycling rates in their complexes. More than 1,000 multi-family units across the city have been targeted for participation in the multi-family residential recycling program and staff will report to city council on progress in Fall 2012.




Kristian Davis, Supervisor – Solid Waste & Recycling Branch
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