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June 8, 2015
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June 8, 2015

New Westminster Fire and Rescue Services issues fire safety advisory in response to dry and high heat conditions

New Westminster – Due to recent dry and high heat weather conditions, the New Westminster Fire and Rescue Services is placing a fire safety advisory in effect for New Westminster. This fire safety advisory is to remind citizens to be cautious when using outdoor open flames and disposing of smoking materials.

“The weather forecast is showing to be continued dry and hot weather with little precipitation predicted for the region, so there is a higher risk of fire,” said Tim Armstrong, Fire Chief for New Westminster. “Extremely dry conditions increase the risk for fires to ignite, while windy weather increases the chance and speed for any fire to spread. With no precipitation in the forecast we ask that everyone be vigilant when disposing of smoking materials and when using outdoor flames.”

Crews from New Westminster Fire and Rescue Services have extinguished a high number of recent rubbish and bark mulch fires, and have inspected the conditions in all city parks and interface areas.  With several local municipalities issuing fire bans and advisories due to similar weather conditions, New Westminster Fire and Rescue Services continues to watch weather forecasts and prepare for any changes to the fire risk.

“It is starting to feel like summer and more people may consider barbequing or using their fire pits; we ask everyone to be very careful and alert,” added Armstrong. “If anyone sees a fire or notices any smoke please call 9-1-1.” 

New Westminster residents are asked to be cautious in the city’s large natural growth parks and green spaces where there are dry grasses and shrubs. Remember to only dispose of smoking materials in proper receptacles and the use of charcoal briquettes is strictly prohibited.

New Westminster Fire and Rescue Services crews are conducting door-to-door messaging to residents advising them of the risks associated with the dry weather, and will be conducting further inspections and practice scenarios in high risk areas in the city.

As weather conditions and the fire risk changes, the New Westminster Fire and Rescue Services will continue to update the status of the fire safety advisory.

For further information residents are asked to visit the City of New Westminster public website and watch for information on the many electronic sign boards throughout the city.  In addition, anyone can contact the New Westminster Fire and Rescue Services at 604-519-1000 for further information.




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Rob Dick
Assistant Deputy Fire Chief
New Westminster Fire and Rescue Services
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