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September 28, 2015
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September 28, 2015

City of New Westminster supports new Pattullo rehabilitation plan, expedited replacement bridge

New Westminster, BC – The City of New Westminster has expressed support for TransLink’s decision to revise Pattullo Bridge rehabilitation plans in order to minimize disruption for bridge users and residents on both sides of the crossing and cost to taxpayers. Last week, TransLink announced a plan to reduce the scope of rehabilitation work lasting from 18 months to five months by focusing on essential deck repairs and ensuring the bridge is kept operational until a replacement is complete.

“While there will still be disruption as rehab work is carried out, having this last for five months as opposed to a year and half is a much better situation for both New Westminster and Surrey residents and businesses,” said New Westminster Mayor Jonathan X. Coté. “It’s critical that the Pattullo Bridge remain operational but given the focus on a replacement, we shouldn’t be spending a lot of money and time on something that will only be dismantled in the near future.”

Constructed in 1937, the Pattullo Bridge is one of the oldest crossings in Metro Vancouver. As a result of significant consultation and technical planning work by TransLink, New Westminster, Surrey and Coquitlam on rehabilitation and replacement options, a recommendation was made to the Mayor’s Council on Regional Transportation for a new bridge. A new four-lane Pattullo Bridge financed through tolling was endorsed by the Mayors’ Council and included in their 10-year transportation vision for Metro Vancouver.

“We see the decision to reduce the Pattullo Bridge rehabilitation scope as being completely in line with the Mayors’ Plan vision for a new bridge,” said Coté. “The sooner that new bridge can happen, the better.”



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