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November 9, 2015
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November 9, 2015

City of New Westminster launches open data website

New Westminster – The City of New Westminster has launched a new open data website giving residents and businesses better access to a wealth of information and data sets. The Open Data website ( offers 12 categories of data, and over 40 data sets available for public viewing and downloading in various formats.

“Our new Open Data website reaffirms our commitment to enhancing open and transparent government,” said Mayor Jonathan X. Coté. “We want to provide the public with easy access to the information and tools they need in a simple and timely manner.”

The Open Data website is an initiative under the City of New Westminster’s Open Data policy which seeks to provide an equitable approach for citizens to access municipal information and data in a way that is responsive to their needs and expectations.

The data sets included on the Open Data website are submitted by various City departments, and include information such as demographic profiles, land use, locations of park benches, electrical and zoning information. Public users can also view many of these data sets visually using the City’s GIS maps. Over the coming months, the list of open data sets will continue to grow as departments add more pertinent data and information for public consumption.

The open data license on the website allows users to access and use the data, royalty-free, as long as the data is used for lawful purposes and abide by the terms of use. The website was developed by local media production company, Techno Monkey.



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