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January 12, 2016
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January 12, 2016

Uptown Business Improvement Association gifts 18 bike racks to the City

New Westminster – Cyclists now have more options on where to park their bikes with the installation of 18 new bike racks in Uptown New Westminster. The Uptown Business Improvement Association generously gifted the bike racks to the city which have been installed along Sixth Avenue between Eighth Street and Sixth Street and Sixth Street between Fifth Avenue and Eighth Avenue.

“We are grateful to the Uptown Business Association for these bike racks because at its most basic level, bike parking encourages people to cycle,” said Mayor Johnathan X. Coté. “In addition to encouraging a sustainable and healthy activity, the bike racks add an attractive element to the Uptown streetscape.”

The new bike racks are eye-catching, bicycle shaped and have been customized for the Uptown neighbourhood with the Uptown logo.

“Uptown Business Improvement Association is happy to donate these bike racks to the city,” said Wayne Beattie, Chair of the Uptown Business Association’s Street Beautification Committee, “Bike racks provide additional parking capacity for customers to visit local businesses. Bicycle parking not only invites cyclists in, but shows them that Uptown values sustainability, which is an increasingly important factor in the decisions of customers.”

The design of the racks accommodates parking that is parallel to the sidewalk, so bikes do not protrude into pedestrians, and can provide parking for up to four bikes.


For further information please contact:
Lisa Leblanc
Manager, Transportation
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