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June 20, 2016
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June 20, 2016

Queen’s Park Neighbourhood to explore heritage conservation

New Westminster – A community driven initiative to conserve and enhance the heritage of New Westminster’s Queen’s Park neighbourhood has come to fruition: Council has directed staff to investigate, and begin community consultation for, a Heritage Conservation Area. While this policy option is being explored, a one year temporary Heritage Control Period has been established for houses in Queen’s Park.

“Residents are eager to expand the conversation about heritage home conservation in Queen’s Park,” said Jaimie McEvoy, Councillor and Chair of the Queen’s Park Neighbourhood Heritage Study Working Group. “During this phase we will discuss protecting what makes this neighbourhood unique while at the same time finding opportunities to encourage heritage conservation.”

The Queen’s Park Neighbourhood Study Working Group was struck in 2013, and is made up of twelve New Westminster residents and two city staff. After more than two years of study, one of their recommendations to City Council in April was the creation of a Heritage Conservation Area.

A Conservation Area is a set of policies aimed at conserving the heritage features and feel of a neighbourhood. The temporary Heritage Control Period ensures that, while consultation and policy development occurs, changes made to the area’s valuable heritage homes are in keeping with the distinct character of the Queen’s Park neighbourhood.

The Heritage Control Period Bylaw, established on June 16th, requires all single-family residential buildings within the Control Period boundaries that were constructed on or before December 31, 1966, to apply for a Heritage Alteration Permit in addition to any other permits for demolitions, renovations to the front or sides of the building’s exterior, or alterations to the roof.

For more information, visit the City’s website at or contact the Planning Division at 604-527-5432.


Beverly Grieve
Director of Development Services, City of New Westminster
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