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Queensborough Community Centre receives LEED Gold Certification
Posted On:
September 13, 2016

New Westminster – The Queensborough Community Centre was presented with its LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certification at the September 12th Council Meeting. The certification was received by Queensborough Community Centre Expansion Task Force Chair, Harry Buchholz.

The Queensborough Community Centre was expanded in 2013 and was designed to pursue LEED Gold Certification.  LEED Certification is one of the most accepted and widespread green building standards in Canada that addresses environmental impacts through the design, construction and operation of buildings. LEED certification is obtained through third-party verification and is administered by the Canada Green Building Council.

The Centre includes a number of sustainable design features including the use of high efficiency heating and cooling systems, increased use of natural light to reduce energy consumption, roof thermal insulation, the use of low volatile organic compounds (VOC) materials, and exterior art features that utilizes rainwater from the roof.

“The expansion of the Queensborough Community Centre has been an exemplary project for the City of New Westminster in demonstrating the City’s leadership and commitment to constructing green buildings,” said Mayor Jonathan X Coté.  “Through careful planning, community consultation, and implementation of cutting-edge sustainability features we have been able to create a welcoming and inviting place that will serve as a legacy to our community for future generations.”




Renée Chadwick
Manager, Queensborough Community Centre
City of New Westminster
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