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City of New Westminster on track to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions by 15% by 2017
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December 22, 2016

New Westminster – The City of New Westminster is on track for meeting its target of reducing corporate GHG emissions by 15% from 2007 levels by 2017. This target was set in the 2008 Corporate Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan. The reduction has occurred even as new facilities were added to serve the community, including Anvil Centre and the expanded Queensborough Community Centre. The City has shown leadership in reducing its carbon footprint through a number of proactive and innovative energy efficiency measures.

In the past several years, the City has installed LED lighting in civic facilities and introduced LED street lights, has switched its vehicle fleet to dual fuel models with propane tanks, added electric and hybrid vehicles, and replaced its boilers with high efficiency boilers at various City facilities including Century House and New Westminster Public Library. These and other energy efficiency measures are allowing the City to reduce emissions even while there is increased energy consumption in other areas, such as when new facilities and vehicles are added to the City’s inventory of assets.

“The City is committed to being a leader in reducing corporate energy emissions,” said New Westminster Mayor Jonathan X. Coté. “With Canada signing the Paris Agreement, we’ll be revising our corporate energy emissions plan with the goal of achieving more aggressive targets for reducing energy and emissions.”

To learn more about the City’s energy reduction efforts, please visit the City’s website at



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