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City of New Westminster awarded Outstanding Achievement Award by Heritage BC for historic interpretation of former Woodlands site
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January 17, 2017

New Westminster – The City of New Westminster is happy to announce that it has been awarded an Outstanding Achievement Award by Heritage BC in the Heritage Planning and Management category for its historic interpretation of the former Woodlands site.

The project is commended for achieving an authentic representation of disparate heritage and social values and in providing some reconciliation for former Woodlands residents. The building itself was not retained, but the project did maintain the inherent heritage values of the site through the building outline and four interpretive panels. 

“The Woodlands interpretation project was an important one as it brought together stakeholder groups with different priorities, who, by the end of the consultation phase, came to a respectful agreement on how the site should be portrayed,” said Mayor Jonathan X. Coté. “Receiving this award acknowledges the hard work of everyone involved.”

The interpretive panels will be installed at the former Woodlands site by mid-2017.



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Heritage Planner
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