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Queen’s Park Arenex gymnastics programming relocated to Small Massey Gym
Posted On:
May 1, 2017

New Westminster – Following the collapse of the Queen’s Park Arenex, the City of New Westminster will now be offering gymnastics programming inside the New Westminster Secondary School Small Massey Gym. The Small Massey Gym is located in the same building as the Massey Theatre.

While the school district is providing a space for gymnastics and trampoline programming, Parks and Recreation instructors are offering gymnastics instruction for New Westminster Secondary School students.

“Since the loss of the Arenex, it has been very challenging to find a space capable of hosting our gymnastics and trampoline programs,” said Jay Young, Manager of the Queen’s Park Arenex. “We are thrilled that the school district stepped up to create a win-win scenario for our community.”

Gymnastics and trampoline programming starts May 1, 2017 and includes programs for all ages. Registration is available online or by calling 604-777-5121. The Small Massey Gym includes many of the amenities users will be familiar with from the Queen’s Park Arenex: trampolines, balance beams, uneven bars, double mini, and tumbling floor.

The Small Massey Gym can be accessed off Eighth Avenue, and is located beside the Moody Park Arena. The gym is wheelchair accessible.



Jay Young
Manager, Queen’s Park Arenex
City of New Westminster
or 604-777-5122