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Citypak backpacks donated to individuals experiencing homelessness in New Westminster
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November 21, 2019

New Westminster – The City of New Westminster received a generous donation from Wolfe Auto Group of 116 Citypaks, which are backpacks custom designed for individuals experiencing homelessness.

We greatly appreciate the generosity of Wolfe Auto Group in supporting members of our community who are experiencing homelessness,” stated Mayor Jonathan X. Coté, “The donation of these water resistant and uniquely designed backpacks is a great example of a business working to address an important social issue.  Business has an important role to play and Wolfe Auto Group is leading the way.”

Citypak backpacks are designed to meet the changing needs of individuals who are experiencing homelessness. The backpacks feature compression straps for bedding, a waterproof compartment for personal documents, a built in rain poncho, reflective straps, and anti-theft measures.

“This is our fourth year donating the convenient, water resistant and uniquely designed Citypak urban living survival backpacks in BC. This year, we are excited to extend our contributions to the City of New Westminster for the first time,” stated Patrick Curtis, Director of Sales & Marketing at Wolfe Auto Group. “Seeing the immediate positive impact this makes for those living on the streets is not only rewarding but motivates us to continue our efforts.”

Wolfe Auto Group has partnered with the New Westminster Homelessness Coalition Society to distribute the backpacks to those in need.

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