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New Westminster Electric Utility upgrades to Advanced Metering Infrastructure
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February 25, 2020

New Westminster, BC – The New Westminster Electric Utility has announced plans to upgrade its electrical metering equipment with an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system. The AMI project will replace existing meters to ensure the City can continue to deliver safe, reliable and cost-effective power to customers.

“New Westminster’s power grid was designed over 125 years ago, when our needs were simpler and there were less demands on the system,” said Rod Carle, General Manager of the New Westminster Electric Utility. “With a growing community and a diverse range of new technology now available, it’s time to build on this heritage and ensure our grid is compatible with modern standards and equipped to meet customers’ evolving needs.”

The AMI project will include the replacement of existing electrical meters which are becoming obsolete and costly to maintain. Most of the City’s existing meters would have to be replaced over the next five years to meet accuracy requirements, and the installation of advanced meters will satisfy this demand and support a range of new customer benefits.

“AMI will allow us to better accommodate new and sustainable technologies – such as electric vehicles and solar panels – that are part of New Westminster’s Climate Emergency Response,” said Mayor Jonathan Coté. “This is a critical step to ensuring we’re aligned with the current industry standard.”

Part of a collective system upgrade, advanced meters will provide more information about energy consumption so that customers can gain insight into how their use affects their bills. The meters are equipped with enhanced features to detect hazards such as overloaded meters, making homes and neighbourhoods safer. They will also facilitate quicker outage response and restoration times.

The City plans to begin installing new meters to residential and commercial customers in fall 2020, through spring 2021. Customers will receive more information in advance of their new meter being installed.

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