Arts Strategy

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The City of New Westminster is writing a new Arts Strategy, and is encouraging residents to take part. The new Arts Strategy will be a guiding document that will renew, refresh, and re-envision plans for the development of the arts in New Westminster. The survey will take inventory of the audience demographics in the city, identify gaps in services, catalogue the current arts facilities, and measure the public value and social benefits of the arts in our community. There are different ways which the people can complete the survey: online, in person, and at various cultural and community events in the city. The survey will be available at local art galleries, schools, cultural organization offices, community centers and other public facilities.

Click here to take the survey.

In addition to the survey, a series of focus groups will be held throughout the city to further examine issues, trends, and gaps in services. These focus groups will include members of the following sectors: Economic, Social and Health Services, Media and Communication, Arts Organizations and Artists, Schools, Educators and Library.

Please register for the free focus groups below:

Business and Economic Sector Focus Group

Artists and Arts Organizations – Afternoon Session Focus Group

Artists and Arts Organizations – Evening Session Focus Group

Education Sector Focus Group

Communications Sector Focus Group

Call Arts Coordinator Biliana Velkova for more information at 604-515-3822 or .

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