Business Education Nights

Business Education Nights are a new series of virtual seminars that touch on topics that are seldom offered - how to work within the community you are in, and what resources exist.  They are scheduled for every second month and will be recorded. Materials or resources mentioned will be shared after each event. 

Vulnerable People and Homelessness

Join NWPD Vulnerable Persons Liaison Officer Camille Oliveira, Bylaw Office / Tenant Support Coordinator Bal Varn, and Economic Development Coordinator Jen Arbo to discuss information and strategies to compassionately address impacts of vulnerable and homeless folks on your business. 

Opioid Crisis and Drug Overdose - How to use Nalaxone

This session, recorded April 2022, features four guest speakers who offer insight and education on the opioid crisi and how businesses can support drug users. Use these links to skip to the information most important to you: 

  • 00:00 Introduction and Background Information
  • 03:42 What Does the Purpose Society Offer? with Sydney Andrews and Travis Walker from the Lower Mainland Purpose Society
  • 24:17 Current Situation in New Westminster with Assistant Deputy Chief Brad Davie, New Westminster Fire & Rescue Services
  • 27:37 - Brad Davie also provides information about preparing your worksite for an overdose emergency, including a nalaxone demonstration
  • 52:55 - Tailgate Toolkit with Colby Young from the Vancouver Island Construction Association - discussing stigma of substance use, especially in the construction and trades industry.
  • 1:25:27 - Regional Resources for Harm Reduction with Tyler Weatherup from Fraser Health - Tyler also talks a lot about shame, and its impacts and has some constructive tips on what to do if you're a business owner and an employee seeks your support. 
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