Retail Cannabis Locations

Retail cannabis locations would be permitted in New Westminster, but are required to complete a site-specific rezoning process, similar to the process for applications for liquor stores and pubs. 

All applications will go through a rezoning process which will include opportunities for public consultation.

Council has adopted the Cannabis Retail Rezoning Policy which will guide the City’s consideration of these rezoning applications. This policy provides guidelines for where applications could be considered: they should be located in commercial areas, located 150 metres from places where youth gather (such as schools and playgrounds) and located 200 metres from other cannabis retail locations. More information can be found on the Cannabis Retail Use Separation Distance Guidelines Map.

The policy also includes other considerations including business and neighbourhood security, business aesthetics and addressing nuisance activity.

On May 27, 2019, Council directed staff to proceed with an alternate review process for government-operated non-medical cannabis retail stores.

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