Making a Freedom of Information Request

Formal requests under the Act must be made in writing submitted using either;

  • A FOI request form which is available as a PDF on the City’s Website (this form works best on Windows systems, excluding Chrome) or in hard copy from City Hall. Once filled out it can be submitted in person, mailed, emailed or faxed to (604-527-4594) to Legislative Services. 
  • A letter, fax or email to () that provides details of the requested information. This is an option for those that are not able to access the online form.   
  • In person at City Hall, where front-line staff can assist an applicant in preparing a written request, including helping an applicant to define requests as specifically as possible. 

To assist with the processing of the request, please make it as specific and concise as possible. The better we understand your request, the more we will be able to control costs and respond in a timely manner. When making a request please provide your name, address, e-mail and/or telephone number so we will be able to better assist you with your request.