How will staff and the meeting chair (the Mayor) know who I am?

Please be sure to enter your first and last name when you join the Zoom webinar, so that we can identify you as a registered speaker. Often, Zoom names can reflect the device (i.e. iPad 2) and not the user's name. 

I registered in advance, how do I know when it is my turn to speak?
Registered speakers will be called on in the order in which their registration was received (for large hearings this will be displayed during the meeting and published online at (link to Public notices page).

If you have joined virtually on the Zoom webinar and your name is clearly identified, the City Clerk will request you unmute your microphone during the speaker before you.  Please unmute and sit quietly.  If there is background noise please unmute when the speaker finishes.

In this case when your name is called simply begin addressing Council.

If staff do not see the registered speaker's name in the Zoom participant list, they will call out the registered name and ask you to:

  • Computer: Click the “Raise Hand” button at the bottom of the Zoom meeting window;
  • Smartphone/Tablet: Tap the “Raise Hand” button on the bottom left of your screen;
  • Telephone: Press *9 on the keypad

The City Clerk will send you a request to unmute your microphone. Click the button in the window that pops up to unmute, or press *6 on your phone. At that point, you will have five minutes to speak. A buzzer will end your time.

After you are finished speaking, the Mayor will ask if Council have any questions for you in relation to what you’ve spoken about. If there are no questions, you will be muted.

If you have more to say, click “Raise Hand” or press *9 on your phone keypad when the Mayor calls for additional and second-time speakers.

I didn't register in advance for the public hearing. When can I speak?
After registered speakers have been heard, the Mayor will call for additional speakers. Click the “Raise Hand” button in the Zoom window, or press *9 on your telephone keypad to indicate that you want to speak.

I want to show a presentation when I speak. What do I have to do?
If you would like to share any documents or a PowerPoint presentation during the Public Hearing, please send your presentation to  no later than noon on the Friday before the hearing.

When you are speaking to Council, your presentation will be displayed on Zoom and on the video of the meeting. The City Clerk will advance the slides for you. When you are ready to move to the next slide, simply say: "Next slide, please."