Interactive Maps

The City of New Westminster maintains a wide-range of maps and geospatial information including information such as; parcel outlines, sewer lines, water lines, biking routes and parks. The information is maintained and utilized by all City departments, City of New Westminster residents, general public, government and non-government agencies and online GIS user communities.

Map Viewer

Launch CityViews Map

Our general map viewer optimized to support mobile devices and touch screens. 

Specific Map Viewers

Accessible Public Washrooms and Drinking Fountains

View the City's accessible public washroom and drinking fountain locations and info.

Cultural Map

Search and connect with the people, places, businesses and organizations that bring culture to our city every day.

Electrical Network Map

Shows fuses, switches, junction boxes, street lights, street poles, electrical circuits etc.

Fibre Network Map (Bridgenet)

Open access fibre network owned by the City.

Heritage Protection

Municipalities protect, conserve, and manage heritage properties through a variety of tools including: Heritage Designation, Heritage Revitalization Agreements (HRA), Heritage Conservation Covenants or Heritage Conservation Areas. Once a property is formally protected, major changes require a Heritage Alteration Permit (HAP).

Heritage Register

The Heritage Register is an official listing of properties deemed to have heritage value. Inclusion on the Heritage Register allows Council to temporarily withhold a building permit, a demolition or to order a heritage impact assessment.

Heritage Resource Inventory

The Heritage Resource Inventory is an unofficial list of properties deemed to have heritage value.

Park Amenities Map

New Westminster Parks offer a wide range of amenities and hidden gems that serve many sports, interests and outdoor pursuits.

Projects on the Go

View current development projects by Type or Status within the City.

Public WiFi Hotspots

Find free WiFi hotspots available to the public. 

Residential Parking Permits

A web application showing current addresses where residents are eligible to purchase residential parking permits.

See Click Fix

Report, track and discuss issues in your city using this app.

Sewer Network Map

Shows sewer mains, caps, catch basins, pump stations, manholes etc.


Westminster Pier Park Memory Bands

The places, dates, names, businesses and events displayed on this Memory Band are just a few of those associated with the growth, development and identity of this area now known as New Westminster.