Installation of Vernal Ponds

Vernal Ponds are wetland habitats, typically small, shallow, ephemeral water bodies that have no permanent inlet or outlet. They are filled each winter and spring by rain and snow melt, and dry up during the summer.  

Vernal ponds create an ideal habitat for species of animals that require temporary wetland habitats for survival, such as birds and amphibians. Native flowers, hedges, and shrubs species will tolerate dry to wet soil, and require full sun to part shade, including: Yarrow, Pearly everlasting, Cut-leaf Anemone, Red Columbine, Mertens Sedge, Slough Sedge, Beaked Sedge, Red Osier Dogwood, Salal, Goldenrod, Hardhack, Cattail.

Pathways are not created near vernal ponds as public access and pets can disturb these sensitive ecological areas.

Vernal Pond in Lower Hume Park