Ongoing Work in the Queen's Park Heritage Conservation Area

Following adoption of the Queen’s Park HCA in June 2017, Council endorsed a two year Implementation Program Work Plan in October 2017. Implementation projects include the development of an Implementation Program and completion of the Special Limited Category Study.

Mark Your Calendars! Upcoming Community Consultation

The next round of community consultation on the Incentive Program is happening soon. The consultation will include an online survey and two open houses. More information can be found under the Incentives Program tab below. 

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  • As part of the implementation of the Heritage Conservation Area, Council directed staff to explore zoning incentives for those properties which would be protected by the policy. 

    To start, three potential incentives were being considered (Increasing Floor Space Ratio, exempting basement floor space and exempting attics from floor space).

    The community and other stakeholders were consulted in December regarding the proposed incentive options. Based on the feedback received, the scope of the incentives program has been expanded to include a wider range of zoning incentives (including the incentives being considered by the City of Vancouver) as well as other categories of incentives (such as process-based incentives or financial-based incentives).

    A range of incentives are now being research by the City. The results of this research will be presented to Council in March and the community in April. Sign up for the mailing list (below) to receive updates on the process.

    Mark Your Calendars! Upcoming Consultation 

    The next round of community consultation on the Incentives Program is happening soon.

    Upcoming Open Houses

    Date: Thursday, April 5, 2018
    Time: 5:00pm to 7:30pm
    Location: City Hall (511 Royal Avenue)

    Date: Saturday, April 7, 2018
    Time: 9:30am to 12:00pm
    Location: City Hall (511 Royal Avenue)

    Upcoming Online Survey

    A survey with the same material as the open houses would be available from March 20 to April 10, 2018. The link to the survey will be posted here. 


    The purpose of the consultation is to:

    • Gather feedback from the community on each of the incentives on the expanded list,
    • Gather feedback from the community on how the incentives could be implemented, and
    • Provide an update to community members who have been actively involved in the Queen’s Park Heritage Conservation Area process, while also seeking feedback from Queen’s Park residents who have not yet been active in the process.

    For more information please see the Council report on research findings and Discussion Paper (prepared by consultants).

    Panel Discussion 

    Thank you to everyone who attended the panel discussion on February 7 to learn about more heritage conservation area incentive options. A report summarizing the questions and answers from the event will be posted here once it is complete. 

    Click here to review the Panel Discussion Summary Report.

    Click here to view the boards presented at the Open House prior to the start of the panel.

    Incentives Program Progress 

    June 13, 2017: Council adopts the Queen’s Park Heritage Conservation Area

    July 2017: Working Group Zoning Incentive Recommendations

    October 16, 2017: Council adopts the QPHCA Implementation Work Plan, which includes zoning incentives for protected properties

    December 4, 2017: Report to Council regarding incentive options and consultation plan

    December 5, 2017: Presentation to the Community Heritage Commission

    December 6, 2017: Presentation to the Advisory Planning Commission

    December 2017: Consultation Round OneZoning Incentive Open Houses and Survey

    January 17 and 19, 2018: Realtor Consultation

    January 29, 2018: Report to Council regarding results of December public consultation and next steps

    February 7, 2018: Panel Discussion - Learning from Other Perspectives  - Panel Discussion Summary Report and boards presented at the Open House prior to the start of the panel.

    March 5, 2018: Report to Council regarding implementation work program update and proposed direction

    March 12 2018: Report to Council on incentive options research findings and Discussion Paper

    April 2018: Consultation Round Two with community, stakeholders and City committees

    Spring 2018: Report to Council on consultation findings and recommendations 

  • Through the Heritage Conservation Area policy development process, approximately 80 properties were identified for further study. Through the study, these properties would be reclassified as either protected (Advanced) or non-protected (Limited), based on detailed analysis of their heritage merit and development options. This study was originally scheduled to start in the fall of 2018, but Council endorsed a shift in the program to move the study up sooner and expand its scope.

    You can find out if your property will be part of the study by reviewing the Map or Table of HCA Properties by Category, or by contacting the Planning Division.

    Phase One: Assessing Heritage Value

    The first phase of the study is underway. As a first step the City hired heritage professionals to assess the heritage value of each of the properties in the Special Limited Category. The consultants are doing site visits and taking photos in the neighbourhood now. 

    Based on the results of this work, an Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment would be presented to Council that proposes moving all the houses found to have no or limited heritage value from the Special Limited Category to the non-protected (Limited) category. The OCP amendment is anticipated for late spring of 2018.

    Phase Two: Assessing Condition and Development Potential

    Phase two of the study would review the remaining houses in the Special Limited category (those that were deemed to have heritage value) against the Evaluation Checklist. By also considering the other factors, condition and development potential, it may be determined that additional properties should be moved to the non- protected (Limited) category. Each of the criteria on the checklist will be scored. If a house receives a score of 60% or less, it would be considered reasonable to move the property to the non-protected category. Staff would bring forward an OCP amendment for these properties in 2019.

    The remaining properties, those that receive a score on the checklist that indicates the house should be retained, would be moved to the protected (Advanced) category. At the end of the study, the Special Limited Category would no longer exist. Leaving only two categories: protected (Advanced) and non-protected (Limited).

    Participating in the Study

    The scope of Phase Two of the study has been expanded so that owners of protected (Advanced) category properties can also request to be included. The expanded study is intended to capture those owners who feel that evaluation of their protected category property against the Evaluation Checklist would reveal that their property should be moved to the non-protected (Limited) category. The Evaluation Checklist includes criteria in three categories: heritage merit, development potential, and condition. 

    If you feel that your house could be moved from the Advanced Category to the Limited Category based on the criteria in the Evaluation Checklist, you will have the opportunity to opt into the study. The opportunity to opt in will be open until 5:00 pm on October 31, 2018. Check back for more information about how to opt into the Study.

    Once the opportunity to opt in has closed the City would hire a heritage professional to assess the heritage value of each property in the study. Each property would then be scored using the Evaluation Checklist. If a house receives a score of 60% or less, it would be considered reasonable to move the property to the non-protected category. Staff would bring forward an OCP amendment for these properties in 2019.

  • The Heritage Properties Maintenance Standards Bylaw was designed for individual property Heritage Designation, which is a higher level of protection than that provided under the Queen’s Park Heritage Conservation Area. After the adoption of the Heritage Conservation Area was adopted, the bylaw was revised to ensure the standards reflected the requirements of the Heritage Conservation Area, City policy, and current best practices in heritage conservation. The bylaw was adopted by Council on January 29, 2018.

  • Owners of houses in the non-protected (Limited) category, whose properties they feel have strong enough heritage merit, could change to the protected (Advanced) category by applying to list the house on the Heritage Register.  Once a property is included on the Heritage Register it would also become part of the protected category and would be eligible for any incentives adopted. There is no fee associated with the application.

    Staff will continue to find opportunities to encourage interested owners to take advantage of voluntary protection. 

  • A review of the Heritage Conservation Area would be launched at a minimum two years from adoption, as is best practice. The review would include an assessment of the impact of the heritage protection provisions, a review of the administrative process and procedures, and analysis of the outcomes of the Heritage Conservation Area’s design guidelines.

    Upon the policy review’s launch, indicators would be developed related to the elements of the policy to be reviewed. Those indicators would then be used to analyze data collected over the two year implementation period. Once the review was completed, staff would bring forward the results to Council, and may propose changes to the policy in order to address any issues which might have arisen from the analysis.

    The full scope of the review, including the indicators to be used, would be determined in consultation with Council in the spring of 2019.