May 2013: Council received a delegation from representatives of the New Westminster Heritage Preservation Society and the Queen's Park Residents' Association, identifying concerns about the loss of historic houses in the neighbourhood. Council requested an exploration into heritage conservation options for the area.

November 2013: Council endorsed the creation of a Queen’s Park Neighbourhood Heritage Study. The Heritage Study’s goal was to explore options to support heritage conservation in the Queen’s Park neighbourhood.

January 2014: Council endorsed the Purpose, Terms of Reference, and Membership of the Queen’s Park Neighbourhood Heritage Study Working Group, a taskforce of 12 neighbourhood residents who directed the study.

April 2016: The Study’s final recommendations were provided to Council. Stemming from the two year study, the Working Group suggested that:

  1. Council consider the creation of a Heritage Conservation Area for the Queen’s Park neighbourhood,
  2. The consultation process for a Heritage Conservation Area be undertaken during a one year Heritage Control Period,
  3. A photograph inventory of all publicly visible buildings be taken, and
  4. The Queen’s Park Historic District design guidelines be updated.


May 2016: Council endorsed the Queen’s Park Neighbourhood Heritage Conservation Area Review work plan, directing staff to begin a consultation process in the neighbourhood regarding the implementation of a Heritage Conservation Area.

June 2016: A one year temporary Heritage Control Period was established on June 16, 2016.  The Control Period Bylaw authorizes the City to reject demolition and renovation applications through a specified review process. The purpose of the Heritage Control Period was to allow the City time to investigate Heritage Conservation Area policy and consult with the community on implementation.

June –August 2016: The photographic inventory, recommended by the Heritage Study, was completed.

November- December 2016: Community consultation took place regarding the implementation of a Heritage Conservation Area for the Queen’s Park neighbourhood. The consultation phase included meetings with stakeholder groups and a series of public open houses.

March 2017: Community consultation was completed regarding the provisions of a draft heritage protection policy and mandatory design guidelines for properties in the Queen's Park neighbourhood.

May 2017: Council consideration of a Heritage Conservation Area.

June 2017: Council adoption of the Queen’s Park Heritage Conservation Area

October 2017: Council endorsement of the Implementation Program’s Two Year Work Program.