Changing the terms in Tenancy Agreements

It has come to the City’s attention that some landlords are forcing tenancy agreements to end by creating obstacles for tenants to pay their rent (example: requiring a specific method of payment, such as an e-transfer, which some tenants may not have access to or by requiring a type of insurance that is difficult to find). 
The terms of a tenancy agreement can only be changed if both parties (the landlord and the tenant/s) agree to them and sign an amendment to the tenancy agreement. A landlord cannot arbitrarily change the tenancy agreement and the tenant is not required to accept new terms. The landlord cannot force the tenant to sign an amendment agreement and if they try, the tenant should contact the RTB. Also, a tenant has the right to challenge any “unconscionable term” with the RTB (example: requiring rent be paid by e-transfer between 6 pm and 8 pm on Fridays).