Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are there only 20 percent of the spaces available for drop-in? 

A: The City completed a public engagement survey on the reservation system in December 2022. Although some respondents wanted and preferred a drop-in system, a larger percentage preferred the reservation system. Although 20 percent of spaces are saved for drop-ins if reserved spots are not fully booked additional drop-in visitors will be permitted.


Q: Do I have to pay to watch my children swim?

A: Spectators may accompany and watch participants 7+ years from the pool deck for free. Caregivers accompanying children 6 years or younger to drop-in or reserved sessions are required to pay for admission and join the children in the water. 


Q: Can I bring food with us to the pool?

A: No. Food is not allowed on pool deck or in the change area.


Q: Can I book my children to swim on their own? 

A: Children 6 years and younger must be supervised in the water and stay within arm’s reach of an Adult, 15 years or older, at all times. Anyone 7 years of age or older may swim on their own. We strongly recommend that any patron that is not a strong swimmer have a parent or guardian present and they stay within arms’ reach.


Q: What happens if it is raining?

A: All swims and Aquafit will run rain or shine. We will not cancel swims due to the rain. Your swim reservation time will not be rescheduled or refunded due to rain.


Q: Why can’t I register for multiple lesson sets?

A: Participants may only register for one lesson set at a time to ensure level prerequisites are met, and to create opportunities for more participants to access our limited supply of lessons. For participants that were not able to register for set 1 of lessons, set 2 provides a second opportunity to participate in swimming lessons for the season.


Q: What is a prerequisite system?

A: Lessons in gymnastics, trampoline, swimming, and skating require activity outcome results prior to registration in the next level. This ensures that participants are placed in the correct level for their safety. Find Activity Outcomes in your online account profile.


Q: Does Moody Park Outdoor Pool have a slide?

A: A slide will be available during the 2023 season.


Q: When will the rock climbing wall be used again?

A: Due to safety requirements we are unable to use the rock wall in the 2023 season.


Q: Will the pool be warm in the Spring and Fall?

A: The pool is set to 27-28 degrees Celsius. While the pool temperature will not be set any higher than normal during the earlier and later seasons, it will feel warmer due to the temperature differential between the water and the outside ambient air temperature. The pool will feel like a hot tub on the cooler weather days as it will be much warmer than the outside air. If the pool water is heated warmer than the set point – it can cause swimmer’s to overheat during lap and exercise swim sessions. It can also cause greater steam and impede the lifeguard’s ability to adequately supervise the pool.

Q: Can we use the change rooms?

A: Change room and shower availability is limited. Change rooms are open during your session plus the following 15 minutes. 


Q: Are there lockers available to lock up my stuff?

A: Yes, lockers will be available to use. Please do not bring valuables with you to the swim.


Q: What swim equipment is available?

A: Kickboards, water running belts, pull-buoys, hand paddles, mats, and toys are available. 


Q: Are water fountains available? 

A: Yes!