Outdoor Fitness Circuits

Outdoor fitness is an accessible and affordable way for people to engage in physical activity, promoting a healthy lifestyle and a sense of community.

When using outdoor fitness circuits remember to: 

  1. Go at your own pace
  2. Include a warm-up and a cool-down in your workout
  3. Be courteous and share the equipment
  4. Enjoy your workout!


Locations and Equipment


Moody Park Outdoor Fitness Circut

Located between Century House (Youth Centre) along the path adjoining the soccer field. 

Equipment: Monkey bars, push up bar, stationary hand bike (accessible), incline bench, parallel bars, decline press, Swedish ladder, human flagpole, pull up station 


Old Schoolhouse Park Outdoor Fitness Circuit

These fitness stations are found around the sports field.

Equipment: warm up & stretch station, air walker, lat pull, air swinger, ab crunch, seated leg press



Find these stations near the Millennium Trail and Vagabond Theatre. 

Equipment: parallel bars, spring balance beam, back extension & sit-up bench, hurdles, push-up stand, monkey bars, bounding bars, steps, self-weighted rower, chip-up bars, air-walker