Sukh Sagar Park
Improving your community!

Opened in 2010, this pocket park features an "island” theme and includes a young children's play area, walkways and informal gathering spaces with new plants and trees.

A dry stream bed with boulders and river rock will drain rainwater to a central planted garden and re-created wetland.

Improvements also include site furnishings such as benches and a drinking fountain with pedestrian lighting to allow passage in the evening.

The park was named in recognition of the Sukh Sagar Gurdwara who has been in Queensborough since 1920 (Khalsa Diwan Society). The park name, Sukh Sagar, means “Ocean of Happiness” which reflects the peaceful community building work of the Society while also promoting the “island” theme used in designing the park.

Located at Wood Street and Ewen Ave

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